Announced a new soccer game that will compete with FIFA, although it is not what you imagine


Announced a new soccer game that will compete with FIFA, although it is not what you imagine

The game will come from the hand of 2k and will have a LEGO theme.

The new soccer game that will compete with FIFA

It seems that the reign of fifa in it world soccer video games It can be seen threatened. With the decline of Pro Evolution Soccernow called eFootball, the EA Sports saga of games had become the only option for fans of this sport who would like to enjoy it on their console or computer.

We have spent many years with rumors that the company 2K wanted to release its own soccer video game to compete with FIFA. The kings of the NBA were the great hope for many so that there would be competition again in this market. Well, now the company has taken a step forward and has fulfilled this wishalthough of course not in the way that any of us expected.

2K and LEGO are working on a soccer video game

The first to announce the surprising 2K collaboration with LEGO have been FIFA 23 Ultimate Team leakers themselves. Even though the gameplay is hitting his last blows of this edition (with events as important as the TOTS Community Upgrade SBC and 5 major leagues 93+) and that they are very busy with leaks like the first metamorphs that will arrive tomorrow in the game, they have had time to share this news .

The truth is that nothing is known about the game yet beyond what is is working on itof some images (which we do not know if they are from the game itself) and the name with which it has been registered in South Korea: Lego 2K Goooal.

We don’t know what modes will have, if it will have something similar to an Ultimate Team like FIFA or a The neighborhood like in NBA2K. For now, and without knowing more details, the reality is that this doesn’t look like a competition for the video game that will be renamed EAFC.

Players from Argentina, Brazil and France in LEGO version

A priori, they are very different proposals that they only have in common the sport they deal with. On the one hand we will have a game with realistic graphics and with a gameplay that have been evolving for decades, and on the other a new ideavery novel, but for which hard to imagine a complex style of play.

The German selection in LEGO figures

With the arrival of the first teasers, trailers and videos of the game itself we can draw more conclusions of the same. What cannot be denied is that it is about something original and innovative that had not been seen or thought of before. Let’s hope that 2K’s bet turns out well.

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