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Anti-Quebec hate speech |  The Journal of Montreal

Does the PLQ have a future?

In the short term, the answer is no. The PLQ today embodies a radical multiculturalist federalism, which cuts it off from the historic French-speaking majority without which no electoral victory is possible.

In the medium term, it has a future. For a simple reason: massive immigration is an electoral richness for the PLQ.

This was unabashedly acknowledged by Balarama Holness, the ultramulticulturalist activist, who plans to run for the leadership of the country.


To quote: the PLQ will need “two decades to strengthen itself in the regions, while there are demographic changes”. In other words, the less the regions are francophone, the more the PLQ will progress there.

Jacques Parizeau has already been crucified for having denounced the demographic blockage posed to independence. Today, the PLQ is openly delighted.

This discourse is increasingly widespread and uninhibited.

Idil Issa, a well-known multiculturalist activist, explained it in broken French at an Amnesty International seminar in January 2021, where she was kind enough to attack me.


” It’s the demographic data who will end up winning. The Quebec of Mathieu Bock-Côté is the Quebec of the past. They try to take a picture and freeze Quebec the old way. We are diverse, Quebec is different now. We must be inclusive. We must not alienate young people. We have to give them a place. I want everyone who wants to be a teacher to study education, study law. Don’t worry, Bill 21 will not stay in Quebec, that’s for sure. Like I said, let it be the year 2300, we’ll go all the way. »

This discourse explicitly relies on the demographic minority of French-speaking Quebecers through mass immigration to create a new Quebec.

This speech wishes the disappearance of our people.

For these people, there are too many of us at home.

This is anti-Quebec hate speech.


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