This is the latest on the list of Apple colors for the iPhone 14. In California, the Cupertino company announced on Tuesday March 7 the arrival of yellow for its iPhone 14 and 14 Plus range, released in September 2022 , thereby further expanding choices for consumers. In 2021, it was purple that amazed the public. In 2022, dark green. Now, it’s the turn of yellow, which we can describe as “chick yellow”, to shine.

With the addition of this sparkling color, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are now available in 6 distinct tones: midnight, starlight, PRODUCT RED, blue, mauve, and the all-new yellow finish.

Although the placement of the cameras will not change from its predecessor, the iPhone 13, there will be differences in photo quality. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus both feature “the new TrueDepth front camera, capable of automatically focusing on several subjects located at different distances, for sharper close-ups and particularly successful group selfies”, specifies Apple. Other photo or video features are also improved.

The question of security is also at the heart of Apple’s presentation, which offers, in particular, a satellite emergency system. If you are underground without connection or traveling in mountains without network, you can still send a call for help via satellite networks. An accident detector, which can recognize a car crash and call emergency services, is also offered in the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

Aware of the environmental impact of manufacturing phones, Apple has decided to take action to reduce its waste. In these two new yellow iPhones, some details are linked to ecology. The antennas are made from recycled plastic water bottles while the internal architecture has been redesigned to make repairs simpler. In addition, fiber packaging, without plastic film, allows CEO Tim Cook to move closer to his neutrality goal for 2030.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will be available for sale on Tuesday March 14 from 1019 euros for the iPhone 14 and 1169 euros for the iPhone 14 Pro.

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