Published on November 21, 2023 at 6:45 a.m.

After the earthquake caused by the election of Javier Milei as president of Argentina, the vagueness surrounding his future management of the country has dissipated a little. Taking advantage of a strange calm on this public holiday Monday, the day of “national sovereignty”, the future leader made some announcements while waiting for a meeting with the current government to organize the transition until he takes power on December 10.

As of Monday morning, the president-elect also unveiled his first measures: the reorganization of the State and the first steps towards dollarization of the economy, or at least free competition between the currencies used in Argentina, in the long term. , eliminate the central bank.

He also ratified his liberal roadmap: “Everything that can be privatized will be,” he declared in an interview with Radio Miter. Starting with all public media, including the national news agency Telam, in which he sees a “propaganda mechanism”. “During the campaign, 75% of the time our political space was discussed, it was done in a very negative way, adding to an unfair campaign, the campaign of fear,” said the future president.

Javier Milei also announced that after a restructuring, the state-owned hydrocarbon production and supply company, YPF, would be put up for sale. When markets opened on Wall Street on Monday, anticipating a future privatization, the oil group’s shares jumped 43%.

“We will surprise”

Since the announcement of his victory, the question of the composition of his future government was on everyone’s lips. Indeed, the future president had let almost nothing of his intentions leak out during his campaign, apart from a few portfolios which will go to close collaborators of his party, among the most loyal.

For the rest, “we are going to surprise with the team we are going to form. We are in the process of integrating specialists from the different parties. The most talented will be there,” he assured. Indeed, Javier Milei confirmed for his team seasoned politicians, incarnations of this “political caste” against which he, a “non-system” candidate, campaigned.

New alliances that meet several requirements for the libertarian. First of all, to compensate for the shortcomings of its political party, La Libertad Avanza, created in 2021, which is cruelly lacking in trained and experienced executives to join a government.

Alliances in sight

Javier Milei should also integrate several names suggested by former right-wing president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) into key portfolios, notably at the Ministry of Economy. The latter provided him with essential support in his victory. Indispensable support but which will not be enough to ensure a majority.

Indeed, with only 38 deputies and seven senators, the future president will have to secure the support of other political forces to have his radical proposals approved by the Argentine Congress and not be forced to govern by decrees.

Alliances that are all the more crucial given that, according to political scientist from the National University of San Martín, Lucía Vincent, “Argentina is a country where social mobilizations are numerous. The unions, actors of social movements, will certainly take to the streets, opening a period of very strong social conflict. We must see if he will succeed in forming a government with precisely this governability.”


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