Who has never experienced the pleasure of blowing out the brains of a zombie or a horde using a shotgun or an M16? Now imagine being given the opportunity to practice your favorite activity, but with the added bonus of virtual reality immersion. You mix the two and you get Arizona Sunshine.

After shining on PC, the game from Jaywalkers Interactive and Vertigo Games returns to us in a version intended for PlayStation VR. What’s new ? Is the portage quality? It’s up to you to discover it through our complete test…

Under the oppressive heat of Arizona

Ah the great American West, the rocky landscapes, a blazing sun, and zombies by the dozens. You are alone, in the state of Arizona, and you must find a way to survive against countless undead in order to escape from this box. The character you play therefore finds himself among the “Freds”, and will do everything possible to contact a rescue team by radio. You will go through 8 different levels during the campaign, also playable in cooperation, for a duration of between three and five hours. From the AK-47 to the M16, the sniper rifle or even a large family gatling gun, you will have what it takes to dismantle your opponents piece by piece. But be careful, ammunition is limited and economy will be essential, even if we have never been dry.

support for the VR Aim Controller which is clearly a game changer

On the PC version, and before being updated, movement was restricted with the teleportation technique. A very useful process for reducing motion sickness in the most sensitive, but which taints the pleasure of gaming. Another major new feature for owners of the Sony headset: support for the VR Aim Controller which clearly changes the situation. In addition to being able to move in a classic way using the accessory’s sticks, you can bring it to eye level to adjust your shots. No laser aiming in normal mode, but you will have to align the marks which allow you to take headshots. Unlike a Farpoint, handling is more delicate given the available sights, but also because the weapons shake more. These action phases are therefore more demanding and it’s a joy when you hit the mark. But this can also be seen as yet another problem with this version, and without a PC version on hand, it is difficult to confirm this aspect or not. However, the two share one thing in common, that ofbe much more enjoyable with the VR Aim Controller. Indeed, we hardly focused on the gameplay that uses PlayStation Move, as this solution is cumbersome. In this configuration, teleportation will be absolutely obligatory and the title therefore proves more frustrating.

the zombie massacre will be very enjoyable

On the other hand, if you already have the rifle dedicated to PlayStation VR, the zombie massacre will be very enjoyable, especially with a pump in your hands. For both, you will have the opportunity to choose your configuration before launching the adventure. Via PlayStation Move, you’ll just have one-handed sidearms, while The VR Aim Controller will allow you to grab toys with two hands (AUG, AK-47, M16 etc.). Regarding the software itself, we are dealing with a pleasant shooter, but which perhaps comes too late. Unfortunately for him, Farpoint passed by. The Impulse Gear game is really better on all points: execution, pace of the story, difficulty and overall finish as we will see. Still, the atmosphere is really good, with the voice-over of the protagonist who comments on his actions, and who will not hesitate to insult his hosts while making the talk. Once the campaign is completed, Horde modes (solo or multiplayer) and Apocalypse can be played if you feel like it..

A disappointing port?

We told you about disappointing finishes above, and we fell victim to them very quickly. Following a nasty bug that froze enemies in the air, a script did not trigger and we were literally stuck. To save you headaches, there are two “homemade” fixes while waiting for a patch. First of all, be aware that this problem occurs before entering the mine level. Opponents arrive to the left of the lever that opens the cave doors, and some may remain frozen in the air.

the atmosphere is really good

How to resolve this? either you switch your console to English (and you select French in the game menus), or you try to shoot the inert Freds. The second method worked for us. Furthermore, it happened to us repeatedly coming up against invisible walls, even though there were no particular obstacles. Enough to irritate and stress for nothing. Additionally, Arizona Sunshine suffers from stuttering (effect which freezes the image for a short moment), and clipping that is sometimes too pronounced for no reason. It’s impossible not to see these problems that took us out of the experience several times. We must hope that the studio decides to review its copy thanks to the deployment of patches.

Most :
  • – Saving accounting with the VR Aim Controller
  • – An uninhibited shooter
  • – Smash brains with a pump, ultra effective in VR
  • – The voice-over
  • – Cooperation
The lessers :
  • – Technical problems
  • – Collision problems
  • – The nasty bug preventing progression
  • – We would have liked more sequences with overexcited zombies
  • – Settings limited and impossible to modify without returning to the main menu
THE Arizona Sunshine TEST REVIEW 12

So good or bad shooter in VR? We would rather place it in the category of good games, even if it suffers today from the comparison with Farpoint. Indeed, if compatibility with the VR Aim Controller literally transforms the game to become much better, this version has many rather annoying problems over time. It’s also a shame not to have more scenes where the zombies are really unleashed. Be careful, there are still several, but as these passages have the merit of putting more pressure, we would have preferred to see them more often. Basically Arizona Sunshine is an adventure to recommend, but in form, and in any case on PlayStation VR, the results are less encouraging. It’s up to you to see if you can get past these multiple hiccups.

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