Armored Core 6 will be lighter than Dark Souls – now we know what that means in concrete terms


Armored Core 6 will be lighter than Dark Souls – now we know what that means in concrete terms

The mech shooter Armored Core 6 comes from the people who invented the Souls genre.

Armored Core 6 will not be Soulslike, even if the inventors of the genre are behind the game. FromSoftware is going back to its roots here though, returning to a series the studio worked on back in the ’90s.

Accordingly, it was already known that this mech action game does not aim for such a high level of difficulty as is actually usual with Dark Souls and Co. Now the studio revealed more gameplay details about the game. Including some help features that regulate the level of difficulty somewhat.

We looked through the previews from IGN and Polygon and collected the most important insights here.

3:06 Armored Core 6: First gameplay trailer reveals release date

This is how Armored Core 6 helps you play

Basically, Armored Core 6 shouldn’t be an easy game. The bosses in particular should be a real challenge, typical of FromSoftware. However, the game also helps you to understand such chunks faster and to react more easily to challenges. There are a total of three helpful features that you can use to make your life easier:

  1. Checkpoints: In Armored Core 6, your progress is saved regularly and at much shorter intervals than, for example, the campfires in Dark Souls. This is where your mech will respawn once you die. The checkpoints in front of a boss should also always be directly in front of it.
  2. Adjustment: At each checkpoint and after each death, you also always have the option to immediately overhaul your mech. This can have quite drastic effects on how your mech plays and how well you can counter an opponent’s attack patterns.
  3. Scan: With the help of a scan you can search the environment for opponents and then get them displayed. This will prevent other mechs from suddenly ambushing you.

All in all, fans of FromSoftware should say goodbye to the idea that Armored Core 6 will be a new Soulsborne anyway. The action game relies on some of the series’ strengths, such as the precise fights and powerful bosses, but basically it will be an action game and thus relies on completely different principles than Dark Souls.

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