at the trial of Monique Olivier, the testimony of a woman who escaped the couple

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at the trial of Monique Olivier, the testimony of a woman who escaped the couple

A piano teacher came to testify before the Hauts-de-Seine criminal court which is judging Monique Olivier. In 1998, she was contacted by Michel Fourniret to teach his son a lesson.

She certainly owes her survival only to her mistrust. In 1998, Emi A., then a piano student, was contacted by Michel Fourniret to give a music lesson to his son. The young woman ended up refusing the proposal, escaping a disastrous fate. “I am happy that you are there, that you refused,” reacts Monique Olivier when questioned by the Nanterre Assize Court.

“I ask your forgiveness for what happened,” continues the accused.

This Monday, the Assize Court which is trying Michel Fourniret’s accomplice hears several witnesses including Emi. This woman, now aged 48, explains how she came into contact with the couple of assassins, thus shedding light on the modus operandi of Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier.

A testimony which also undermines the version of the latter ensuring that she had always obeyed the orders of her ex-husband who died in May 2021.

“Polite” and “smiling” people

Like Joanna Parrish, the British student who disappeared in 1990 in Auxerre and one of the three murders for which Monique Olivier is currently on trial, Emi A. was contacted by the couple to give piano lessons to their son Sélim, then elderly . 9 years.

“They spoke kindly to each other,” she says today, explaining that a first meeting was set up in front of the young woman’s home. She describes Monique Olivier as “an enthusiastic woman who talked a lot”.

“They were polite, kind, smiling,” continues Emi A. “The lady spoke a lot more than the gentleman, but their son seemed very absent. »

In 1998, the couple lived in Sart-Custinne, in Emi, 130 kilometers away, in Liège, also in Belgium. “They wanted me to give the lesson at their place, not at home (…) far from home,” explains the piano teacher. “They offered to come and pick me up. »

Emi, of South Korean origin and speaking only English at the time, was suspicious. Why choose it? Why does this couple only want classes at an irregular pace? So many elements that will make her refuse.

Yet Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier insist, despite the young girl’s departure abroad for a while. “I ended up writing them a postcard to tell them I was giving up and I moved,” she told the court.

In 2003, upon discovering the photo of Michel Fourniret in the media when he had just been arrested for attempted kidnapping, Emi A. became aware of what she had escaped.

“With Fourniret, you had to obey, that’s all,” maintains Monique Olivier at the end of this testimony. Yes, Selim was used but not at my request. It was his father’s idea to learn music. “

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