The worlds of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Child of Light will collide in a free game update from 505 Games this March 31 at 7 p.m. on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series (then later on Switch). On the occasion of this update, Miriam will be replaced by Aurora, after having already known other crossovers, in particular with Shovel Knight or Blasphemous.

After saving Lemuria on her own adventure, Aurora isn’t ready to return home anytime soon, as she wakes up in demon-infested lands. If she wants to find her friends, she will have no choice but to overcome the curse of Hellhold, in an all-new adventure full of poetry inspired by Child of Light.

Players can therefore select the new character from the main menu and explore Hellhold Castle with new moves and unique abilities.

Able to wield a devastating Ray of Light decimating enemies in its path, this elemental damage will contribute to living the adventure differently. As you evolve, new abilities will become available to players. It will thus be possible to recover wings to fly, to become an adult to swim underwater or to put on armor to face deadly spike traps.

The firefly that accompanies Aurora, Igniculus, will help her by offering heals or passive bonuses, or by casting spells on opponents. This pet will also gain experience during battles.

Finally, Aurora can use the fragments to improve her powers and thus access active or passive bonuses.

Each of these fragments represents one of her friends, and each will have a unique power, helping Aurora on her adventure. Johannes, Miriam’s friend, will also lend her a hand by helping her improve her skills through alchemy or items found in chests and on defeated enemies.

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