Aurore Bergé announces a service of general interest for “failing parents”

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Aurore Bergé announces a service of general interest for “failing parents”

The Minister of Solidarity and Families, Aurore Bergé, unveiled a plan to empower adults, particularly absent fathers.

A tour of France for parenthood, a future “family leave”, additional resources for CAFs and sanctions for defaulting parents… In an interview given to La Tribune Dimanche, Aurore Bergé, the Minister of Solidarity and Families, said unveiled its plan to empower parents, particularly absent fathers.

“Parents cannot be forgotten in our public policies. We need them, we have to deal with them,” she declared to our colleagues, believing that we were only interested in them. in times of crisis, like “this summer during the riots” which followed Nahel’s death.

“Where is the second parent, often the father?

“We all remember the images of these mothers going out in the evening into the street to collect their children and put them back on the right path,” she explained to our colleagues, recalling that 30% of the rioters were minors and 60% They grew up in single-parent families.

“Where is the second parent, often the father? Fathers cannot be reduced to alimony,” she believes.

“Society has come to accept that women take on certain tasks with children alone. A couple can separate, but the family still lives: you don’t leave your children,” lamented the minister. Questioned by BFMTV, she clarified that it was a question of “proposing a pact” to parents.

“They must fully assume their role,” declared the minister on BFMTV.

Additional resources will therefore be deployed, she declared: “I am increasing the resources of all CAFs by 30% to better support and support parents.” A measure which comes into force this year, and until 2027.

TIG and fines for “defaulting parents”

But Aurore Bergé also announced the establishment of “community work for defaulting parents, the payment of a financial contribution for parents of children guilty of harm to a victims’ association and a fine for parents who do not not showing up at hearings that concern their children,” she announced. » detailed La Tribune Dimanche.

“Faced with the challenges obviously on parenthood, new risks, the mental health of our adolescents”, the minister will launch, this Monday, “a scientific commission like that of the first 1000 days with doctors, child psychiatrists, philosophers”, says -She. declared to BFMTV.

Concerning the future family leave, implemented by 2025, it will be “simpler and more flexible”, she specified. Parents will be able to take it at the same time or separately with “compensation significantly higher than current parental leave”. The modalities will be presented at the beginning of 2024, she concluded.

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