Bac exams, wearing the abaya, school supplies… What to remember from the announcements of the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal

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Bac exams, wearing the abaya, school supplies… What to remember from the announcements of the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal

On the eve of his back-to-school press conference, the minister was the guest of the TF1 television news on Sunday evening.

This set the tone for the next school year. Secularism, inflation, baccalaureate exams, teacher salaries… The Minister of National Education and Youth was the guest of the TF1 20-hour newspaper, Sunday August 27. On the eve of his first back-to-school press conference, Gabriel Attal presented, or confirmed, several measures concerning the school. Franceinfo takes stock of what to remember.

Bac specialty tests postponed to June instead of March, from 2024

The baccalaureate specialty tests will be held in June from the 2024 session, and no longer in March, announced the Minister of National Education, confirming information from theParisian. In an interview at IndicateEmmanuel Macron had already estimated a few days ago that these events could not take place “so early in the year”.

On the other hand, “there will be no massive modification of the Parcoursup calendar”, said the minister. This upheaval thus leads to the end of the taking into account of the baccalaureate specialty tests during the selection operated by higher education establishments.

The abaya banned in schools

Gabriel Attal also announced that we could no longer wear the abaya at school”. The abaya is a long, loose dress worn over clothing. If its religious dimension is debated, the garment is considered by the minister as a sign linked to Islam. “You enter a classroom, you must not be able to identify the religion of the students by looking at them”he justified. Gabriel Attal would like to speak ” starting next week “ with school officials to help them enforce this ban.

A decision that comes as more and more establishments are reportingattacks against secularism, especially on clothing issues, and demand clarification. Until now, the ministry left them a margin of interpretation on the religious character of the wearing of the abaya, while considering it possible to prohibit it. Pap Ndiaye, predecessor of Gabriel Attal, refused to settle in detail“dress length”.

An “organization” to offer school supplies at “wholesale prices”

A few days before the start of the school year for millions of students, on September 4, and while the prices of school supplies have increased by 10% in one year, Gabriel Attal declared that he wanted “find an organization” so that “Parents can buy supplies at wholesale prices”. We live in a time of inflation that is tough, very tough, and school supplies are not something you can skimp on. »justified the minister, who specified that he wanted ” there work during the year.

“We must simplify the list of school supplies requested from students”, he also asked, while ensuring respect “educational freedom” teachers.

All teachers reclassified from September, the “teachers’ pact” implemented

“In September, each teacher, unconditionally, will earn between 125 and 250 euros net more per month”, insured Gabriel Attal, confirming the announcements for the month of April.

Asked about the lack of teachers at the start of the school year and the absences not replaced during the year, what each year would represent “15 million hours lost” for students, Gabriel Attal recognized that it was necessary “attract more teachers, value them”notably “financially”. Teachers who replace a colleague for a short-term absence will be upgraded as such, under the “teacher pact” presented in April. “Half of short-term absences are linked to administrative constraints”also admitted Gabriel Attal, who claims to want “sweep in front of his door” For “freeing up teaching time for teachers”.

For a student, (teacher absences) it can be, put end to end, a year of lost lessons on his schooling”, quantified the Minister of National Education.

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