If you have decided to skip the iPhone 15 to treat yourself to the iPhone 16 next year, you may be disappointed. Because according to SamaGamethe next Apple smartphone will not really change.

In September 2023, when the iPhone 15 was released, the pleasant surprise for customers was the price drop, from 50 to 150 euros. The periscopic sensor of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the appearance of titanium in the manufacturing of the case and the new colors (notably the very beautiful pink on the classic iPhone 15s) were the other notable things to report for the Apple back-to-school season. More or less, it will be the same in 2024 for the iPhone 16, the expected major new features of which you will find here.

A special iPhone ChatGPT?

SamaGame thus indicates that Apple will bet everything on iOS 18 for its iPhone 16. Understand that it will be on the side of services and not on the design and technical characteristics such as photo sensor that we must expect major new features. With iOS 18, it is artificial intelligence that Tim Cook’s teams intend to develop, notably with the famous ChatGPT made in Apple that many are waiting for. The idea being to get closer to Samsung whose AI is ahead of Apple. The Galaxy S24, which will be released at the very beginning of 2024, will also strongly inspire the Cupertino company. Samsung Gauss, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image, three AIs, should thus be integrated directly into the Asian brand’s smartphone. The first mentioned will be a competitor to ChatGPT which would allow the writing of messages, answers to questions or even a translator in real time; the second would be used to code and create applications while the third and last would offer the possibility of getting involved in the world of generative images while editing photos.

The iPhone 16 present – virtually – at WWDC 2024?

Google’s Bard and even Amazon’s Alexa are also clearly in Apple’s sights. Which should therefore strike a big blow during its traditional developers conference (WWDC) in June 2024 – period when the American brand presents the new operating system of its future phones: iOS – if the optics of offering an iPhone 16 widely modified inside and not outside is confirmed. This is not necessarily what the majority of people who will buy the next Apple smartphone in September next year are expecting. But in the end, they will not necessarily be unhappy if all these technical and practical developments see the light of day.

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