Bandai Namco unveils Tamagotchi Uni with Metaverse integration, Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery

Bandai Namco promises many new gameplay possibilities thanks to numerous mini-games, while the Tamagotchi can speak for the first time.

Bandai Namco promises many new gameplay possibilities thanks to numerous mini-games, while the Tamagotchi can speak for the first time. Also new is the included wristband, which allows you to use a Tamagotchi Uni as a wristwatch. The integrated battery can be charged via a USB-C cable. The WLAN module also allows software updates to be installed.

Prices and Availability

Tamagotchi Uni will be available in the US on July 15th for a suggested retail price of $59.99 in your choice of pink or purple, and comes with a matching strap and charging cable. The German-language Tamagotchi website already lists the new models, but without details on the price and the start of delivery.

The Tamagotchi is back: Bandai brings iconic toys to the metaverse

Bandai brings back his Tamagotchi and attaches it to its own metaverse. The Tamaverse connects fans of digital pets around the world.

  • Bandai has announced a new Tamagotchi.
  • The Tamagotchi offers a connection to its own metaverse for Tamagotchi fans.
  • The Tamaverse connects fans around the world for parties together and more.

Who would have expected a new Tamagotchi in 2023? What was a must-have in every school bag in the mid-90s has long since disappeared – at least in Germany. That could change now, as Bandai brings its iconic toy into the present.

According to the press release, the Tamagotchi Uni is a new model that will fundamentally change the way of interaction. With the “Tamaverse”, Bandai is launching its own metaverse for digital pets.

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Tamagotchi fans can meet here and play together in the Tama Arena and at Tama parties. In addition, there are Tama Mode and Tama Travel features. The Tamagotchi itself also gets a bunch of new features.

The digital pets can now be personalized, allowing you to create your own characters. Appearance and personality can be adapted to your own preferences. There are over 20 characters in total. Thanks to a WLAN connection, updates and optional content can also be downloaded.

The Tamagotchi Uni can be used in seven languages ​​and recharged via USB-C. The scope of delivery also includes a bracelet so that the toy can be worn like a smartwatch. The Tamagotchi will go on sale in the US on July 15 for $59.99, but it is not yet known when the toy will be available in Germany.

Tamagotchi Uni: The digital pets return

Bandai Namco releases the Tamagotchi Uni. Users can now connect the digital “pets” with each other.

Tamagotchi, the digital chick from the ’90s, is relaunched. Developer Bandai Namco announced a technical innovation that should be comparable to the Metaverse: the Tamaverse. Users should be able to connect their new Tamagotchi Uni devices with each other. The digital space will allow “fans from around the world to play together at Tama Arena, Tama Party, Tama Fashion and Tama Travel,” according to Bandai. In addition, the classic core elements of the Tamagotchi posture also remain. The Tamagotchi Uni must continue to be maintained. They “want” to play and communicate with their owners.

Tamagotchi Uni are always there

While the old Tamagotchi models still hung on a short chain, the new Uni devices come on a purple bracelet that could just as well belong on a wristwatch. It should be possible to take the removable, pink egg with you everywhere so that you can take care of the digital pet around the clock. Similar to Animal Crossing, it is possible for the characters to play, work and even get married in the virtual world. In addition, according to the manufacturer, they can “go on an adventure around the world”.

Technical details and availability of the Tamagotchi Uni

To ensure that the technology also plays along in the long term, the Tamagotchi Uni has a rechargeable battery and is supplied in combination with a suitable USB-C cable.

The device is also connected to the WLAN. According to the manufacturer, this is also necessary in order to be able to download “exclusive download articles and new Tamaverse areas”. Child safety is also available.

The new Tamagotchi Uni is already available and costs just under 60 euros on Amazon.

Return of the Tamagotchis: ’90s trend toys get a makeover

Tamagotchis were THE trend toy in the 90s. Now the manufacturer Bandai Namco has announced a new version of the digital pets called “Tamagotchi Uni”. A lot should change compared to the old devices.

Basically, the animals should all be unique and personalizable. In addition, multiple devices can be connected locally so that the animals can play with each other. Several modern improvements are also on board. This includes a battery that is charged via USB-C. In addition, the devices are WLAN-enabled, which enables updates.

Tamagotchi Uni: That’s how much the new edition costs

One of the biggest innovations is the Tamaverse. This is a metaverse for the small animals. Here you can meet other characters from all over the world and present your style.

In the US, the device is available for pre-order now for $59.99 in purple or pink. The release is scheduled for July 15, 2023. It is not yet known when the gadget will also be available in Germany. However, since a German language version for Tamagotchi Uni has already been confirmed, it should soon be ready in this country as well.

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