Bannerlord – players want coop mode, developers comment


Bannerlord – players want coop mode, developers comment


  • Players want a co-op mode in Mount & Blade 2.
  • A representative of TaleWorlds responded to these requests, informing that the studio currently has no plans to introduce such a mode.
  • Looking at the history of the Mount & Blade series, a full co-op implementation may not be possible.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has won the hearts of players by storm. The title has only recently been in Early Access, but this does not prevent fans from sharing their insights on what could be included in the final version of the game. Among these proposals, there is often the possibility of cooperation. However, the developers do not plan to introduce this feature in the near future.

In recent days, post on Reddit depicting the user’s dream of the nickname whitedeathk gained quite a lot of popularity. What is this dream? The plot in Bannerlord begins with the fact that part of our family is kidnapped, and the player’s character and his brother go in search of the rest of their relatives. Of course, we split up quickly and then the sandbox opens up for us. The user would like to live to the point where, instead of an AI-controlled brother, we could play with another human being in co-op mode.

Family photo, I’m obviously the handsome one.

The developers have already referred to this dream on forum of TaleWorlds almost a month ago. Well, the forum member with the nickname dosbrostacos asked directly if he would have the opportunity to play with his younger brother in cooperation mode. A company representative replied:

MArdA TaleWorlds:

We investigated the possibility of cooperation and decided to address other aspects of the game. We do not plan to add this feature at the moment, neither now nor in the future.

This emphatically means that it may never be possible to play a campaign with a friend. Of course, as one user pointed out, hope is in the moderators.


They will certainly mod it. If they managed to implement cooperation in Skyrimthey will figure out how to do it and in Bannerlord.

However, looking at the history of the earlier parts of the brand – it may not be that simple. Mount & Blade: Warband celebrated its 10th birthday exactly a month ago, and still hasn’t received a full-fledged co-op mode, neither from TaleWorlds, nor from the modding community. Once upon a time, an attempt was made to create an online version of the campaign, the mod was called Global Campaign. It had many limitations and simplifications, but it was the experience closest to what fans expect. However, the modification servers are no longer operational.

For now, for everyone who wants to play the campaign with another living person Warband the only (or at least the best implemented) possibility seems to be Battle Time. As my observations show, this is the most often recommended modification for people looking for a cooperative experience, and it is part of many other fan projects. However, this is not quite the experience players expect – Battle Time allows you to invite friends to play together only during skirmishes.

The Mount & Blade series, as you can see, is quite resistant to the implementation of cooperation in the campaign mode. Maybe it’s the game’s complexity, or maybe technological limitations – probably both play a significant role. If you know any mod that introduces the possibility of full-fledged fun with another player in this series, feel free to leave a comment.

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