Battlefield V presents its new content on video


Battlefield V presents its new content on video

After the Pacific, the Solomon Islands. Battlefield V will give pride of place to combat in the middle of the jungle in its new content, which will land on February 6.

Electronic Arts and Dice have also released a trailer for the occasion:

On the menu, therefore, new map, new weapons and new heroes. Here’s what to expect:


Danger and opportunity are everywhere. On Solomon Islands, you will fight in a thick jungle. You’ll never know what’s lurking by the river, in the dark mangroves, or in the hidden bunkers.

Whether you launch the assault with the Americans or defend your positions with the Japanese, the environment will be either your ally or your worst enemy.

Rivers and swamps block the way for infantry and tanks, but savvy soldiers will know how to exploit the bottlenecks. You’ll charge through narrow paths that cut through dense jungle and fight for control of hidden strongholds.

We designed Solomon Islands for close jungle infantry combat combined with land and sea vehicles. You’ll notice that Breakthrough Mode is particularly suited to this map. The defenders will be able to remain hidden and use the terrain to defend the line, but the attackers will have several options: bypass their opponent, send in the infantry or use the boats for a frontal assault.


During Chapter 6, you can unlock three new weapons and two gadgets to spice up your arsenal. These powerful tools are all Chapter Rewards, meaning they will be awarded to you when you earn Chapter EXP and reach the corresponding Chapter Ranks.

What awaits you? For the Support class, the FM Type 11 and the Model 37 Shotgun, which should meet your mid-range and close-range needs. Assault will be able to unlock the M2 Carbine, a handy, fully automatic rifle that’s great for cleaning up the jungle.

On the gadget side, the Assault will be able to use the M1A1 bazooka to destroy vehicles. At long range it’s the ultimate anti-tank weapon, but up close it’s best to employ another strategy.

The devastating lunge mine will also arrive with Chapter 6. This weapon, usable by Assault and Support, is perfect for destroying enemy tanks.


Three new Elites, each with their own look, personality, voice acting, and melee weapon, will join the battlefield with Chapter 6 Into the Jungle.

Misaki Yamashiro
Rigorous and relentless, Misaki is a highly skilled assault specialist. Despite her young age, she is an expert in operations in the jungle and in the tropical theaters of conflict. Equipped with her commando machete, she wreaks havoc in close combat. This Elite does not unlock in the usual way. Instead of buying it from the Armory, level up your Chapter Rank to get it as a Chapter Reward. Reach Chapter Rank 40 before the end of Chapter 6 to play as this fearsome fighter.

Steve Fisher
When Steve isn’t chasing enemy fighters through the air, he’s quoting lines from his favorite movie stars. He throws himself into the fight as if he had no risk of going through it and often finds himself in situations where he is at a disadvantage. Fortunately, he wields his hand-to-hand weapon, the brass knuckles, with dexterity.

Akira Sakamoto
Although he is young and fearless, Akira always wants to give his best and follow orders to the letter. He is always in the right place at the right time when his wingers need his help. This experienced and disciplined Zero pilot stands out for his exceptional reflexes and ingenuity. He fights hand-to-hand using an airplane stick recovered from the wreckage of an aircraft.


Level up your Chapter Rank to get the best gear in Chapter 6. To progress through all 40 ranks, all you need to do is play Battlefield V during the Chapter’s active period. Along your journey, you’ll earn emblems, weapon skins, and uniforms, as well as awesome rewards like weapons and, at the bottom rank, elite soldier Misaki Yamashiro.

As usual, weekly challenges allow you to get even more rewards from your efforts on the battlefield. Choose your path through these Challenge Trees and earn Chapter EXP, Customization Items, and Chapter Rewards.


To boost your battles during Chapter 6, there’s nothing better than the Chapter 6 Premium Bonus Pack. Available in the in-game store, this pack contains Battlefield Currency (2,000), 3 Special Tasks , a 20% Chapter EXP bonus, 6 category catch-ups, which skip 6 categories of Chapter Rank progression rewards. You will also get 2 epic rarity soldier outfits: Lord (USA) and Homeland Protector (Japan).

Finally, the Chapter 6 premium bonus pack will allow you to decorate your M1 Garand, your Type 99 Arisaka, your Type 97 and your M3 Grease gun with the Golden skins, as well as your Corsair plane with the Spectacle paint. »

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