As promised by EA and DICE, we had an update around Battlefield V and learned a lot of stuff.

We start with a preview of the “Marita” map coming in July which focuses on infantry. Perched on a mountain ridge, you will have to fight between narrow streets and in the middle of a village:

We go to a trailer which is a potpourri of three upcoming maps: Provence, Opération Souterrain, Al Sundan and the Lofoten Islands.

As for their availability:

  • Al Sundan: June 27, 2019 with new weapons
  • Marita: in July 2019
  • Operation Underground: in October 2019
  • Provence and Lofoten Islands: August 2019

Other Changes and New Features for Chapter 4

In addition to new environments, you will be able to increase your rank going from 50 to… 500 from the month of August. The following month, either in septemberthere will be private partswithout further details.

A Firestorm update is also in the pipeline for mid-June and will have:

New weapons, new custom skins, a squad respawn, improvements to the loot system and matchmaking, as well as a new point of interest: the dome.

Finally, if you don’t have the game, it is now accessible as part of EA Access or Origin Accesswhether you are on consoles or PC.

Overview of Chapter 5

You guessed it, the Pacific will invade the game during Chapter 5 which will begin this fall. Before 2020, here is the content that awaits you:

  • three cards including Iwo Jima
  • THE American and Japanese factions
  • At least 7 new weapons and gadgets
  • New vehicles with boats

No explosive trailer to our chagrin, but here is the presentation aired during EA Play 2019 :

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