Bendy and the Dark Revival Projector Puzzle Guide


Bendy and the Dark Revival Projector Puzzle Guide

Join Audrey Drew in true horror style. Transported to an unknown world, with hostile enemies and a scary atmosphere. Embark on a journey to escape a surreal world bathed in black ink. With fetch quests, boss battles, hiding lockers, and solving puzzles, the Bendy Universe sequel is filled with tons of hidden secrets. Can you find them all? This is our guide to solving the projector puzzle in Bendy and the Dark Revival Chapter 2.

The Projector Puzzle

After finding all the pictures to place on the easel outside the “Don’t Knock” door at the start of Chapter 2, players can head to the previously locked room after taking down the hostile Lost One inside. . Exit this room to the right and head to the area on the left labeled “Screening Room”. There you will find three projectors. The goal of the projector puzzle is to get the security code for the security door in the room.

Be aware that while trying to complete this puzzle, the ink demon may come for you. If your screen goes black and white, you need to hide. You have about 5 seconds to hide. Use the crawl space in this room to hide. Players can search for the solution by going to the Storyboarding area. Just go back and go to the area to the right of Lost One’s bedroom. Turn on the projector in the room to display the order of the storyboard in which the animation should appear. These will then correlate to the security code in the other room via the numbers on the slides.

Projector puzzle solution

To enter the room and interact with the spotlights, go to the other side of the spotlight room and look to the left of the three spotlights. Here you will find a ventilation cover. Destroy the lid using the Gent Pipe and crawl inside to enter the room with the spotlights. Obviously players don’t need to do this to open the security door if they got the code through this guide, but it’s for those who just want to get a little help getting into that room. Interact with the spotlights to flip the slide until it looks like the three slides in the storyboard room.

This will give you the security code: 2 3 5

Enter this on the security door in the room to proceed to the next area, the writer’s room. This projector puzzle in Dark Revival Chapter 2 is just getting started. For more Bendy and the Dark Revival content, check out our related article: All Memory Locations in Bendy and the Dark Revival.

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