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Best Swords in Haze Piece

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Haze Piece is one of the Roblox games heavily inspired by the hit anime One piece. However, the main point of this game is to put the swordsman skills against other players and pitting different weapons against each other, Highlander style, until the best one wins.

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What are the best swords in Haze Piece?

Naturally, when it comes to a game whose main point is to confront combat skills, the most important part is choose the right weapon. This game has a huge collection of weapons that you can acquire during missions and purchase from game stores. Each of the swords has unique buffs and attack style. This guide will feature the best swords in the game in no particular order.

3 sword styles

From Roronoa Zoro is the strongest swordsman in the series, his signature weapon, actually three of them, is one of the best weapons in Haze Piece. However, it is very difficult to obtain. You need to go to the Snowy Graveyard area and defeat the 3SS boss (Zorro). Even then, you only have a 1/1% chance that he’ll drop the weapons.


Yoru is the most powerful sword in the gameand all One Piece fans will recognize that this is the sword of Dracula Mihawk, a legendary pirate hunter. You cannot get Yoru by playing the game. The only way to collect the sword for yourself is via battle pass.


In One Piece, Raiu is one of Meito, which is a group of extremely powerful swords. Its owner is Shiryu, a member of the Blackbeard Pirates. Its design is simple: a long Japanese sword with a simple square hilt, but it is highly destructive. You can obtain Raiu from a NPC behind the skull on Skull Island.

In my

Enma is one of 21 Meito swords, which means it is extremely powerful. It was one of Kozuki Oden’s two swords, along with Ame no Habakiri. To get Enma, you need to go to Flower Capital Manor and defeat Enma Patron. However, you have a 10% chance of getting Enma on the first try.


Shusui is a Meito, used by the legendary samurai Ryuma Shimotsuki. He is also known as Black Blade or Kokuto. You can get Shusui by going to Thriller Island and defeat Ryummy’s boss (Ryuma + Mom). There is a skinny 5% chance To get Shusui on the first try, you must therefore defeat the undead samurai several more times.


Mace V2 is a horribly distracting melee weapon in Haze Piece. Although it is not a sword, we are still included in the list due to its destructive potential. To get Mace V2, you need to go to MER2 and find the Dragon Island. Once there, you must defeat the Mace Boss V2 to get the weapon. However, you only have a 1% chance that the Mace V2 boss will drop it on the first try.

Bisento V2

Bisento V2 is a Naginata, a long sword on an even longer staff. This weapon is used by a legendary pirate Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, and it is one of the 12 legendary weapons in One Piece. If you want to update Bisento V2, you need to defeat shaking girl after summoning her.

Golden staff

In the One Piece anime, Golden Staff is an accessory of Enel, the god of thunder of Sky Island. This powerful staff possesses the power of lightning. If you want to get the Golden Stick, you must go to Sky Island and defeat Thunder God. However, there is only a one in a hundred chance that you will get it immediately.

Operating blade

This interesting name is just a copyrighted nickname for Kikoku, the sword that belongs to Trafalgar Law, the legendary pirate doctor. This is one of the cursed swords, also known as the scalpel. The only way to obtain Operation Blade is to buy it from Magma Minion for $250,000.

Dough Trident

Dough Trident is a powerful long weapon in Haze Piece. It is very exclusive and also very difficult to obtain. To get it, I had to collect the mirror fragment from the NPC Big Mom, then I had to go to Dough Island. After collecting donuts for Syn, you will go to the mirror world and face Dough Superboss. He’s a badass, but there’s a 50% chance you’ll get the weapon.

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