When it comes to learning new things, video game assistance can help younger students focus on their studies. That’s where Blooket comes in, as a Kahoot-like system where you answer questions at the same time as you play certain types of games. From Monster Brawl to Tower Defense, there’s no shortage of fun games to help educate you. Focusing on the latter, Tower Defense is a game that many players have enjoyed for some time. And with a learning component added with Blooket, players are looking for winning strategies. So let’s place our units and take a look at the best tower defense setup in Blooket.

How to configure Tower Defense units in Blooket

Similar to other games like Bloons TD, Tower Defense puts you on a map against enemy units trying to reach the other side. If you let the units reach the other side, you will take damage, and taking too many will cause you to lose. It’s up to you to place your own units to fight the enemies and get rid of them before it happens. As soon as you get started, you’ll want to go ahead and start filing Hazelnut squirrels. These will be the bread and butter of your setup, with the other units you use being Rocket unicorn, owl sniper and helpful jester. You will be able to improve your units after answering the questions, and here are the improvements you will want to obtain:

  • Hazel Squirrel | Fast squirrel —> Strong squirrel —> Lots of squirrels
  • Rocket Unicorn | Majestic Unicorn —> Kaboom Unicorn —> Crazy unicorn
  • Owl Sniper | Quick owl -> Quick owl -> Agent Owl
  • Useful Jester | Charming Jester —> General Jester —> Mini jester

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How to use the best Tower Defense setup in Blooket

We would also like to thank GXLD for their Youtube video details to a perfectly designed Tower Defense setup. But if you take a look at our picture above, you’ll see the general layout you should have as you start building your arsenal of units. As we said, you will need to start by placing some Hazelnut Squirrels up front, upgrading them over the first few rounds. Once you have about three fully upgraded squirrels, start placing the Rocket Unicorns around them. After a while, you’ll also want to throw Owl Snipers towards the back of the map, as their long-range attacks will help take out units faster. And after reaching round 20you can start placing useful Jesters to really bring this build to maximum damage.

Best Blooket tower defense setup

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