We can never repeat it enough, we often have to be careful about the sites we visit when browsing the internet. Recently, some smart guys are taking advantage of the popularity of the new episode of the Battlefield saga to try to steal your personal data. For this, they created a fake beta registration site to trap less attentive players with easily noticeable defects.

To prevent you from falling into the trap, we offer you a summary of the clues that will help you realize that you are not in the right place to take part in a possible beta of the DICE game. Although the site in question uses the enticing address www.battlefieldbeta.com/register/, it is worth remembering that neither EA, nor Dice or any other official source working on the project has an address linked to the battlefieldbeta domain name .com.

As you can see from the two images below, it is difficult to tell the difference between the publisher’s official website and the counterfeit version.

Official version

Fake version

Looking closer, we realize that the only difference is in the font and the email address provided in the text at the bottom of the image. To finish uncovering the deception, it is good to note that the following image is on the site trying to steal your data and that if you come across it before having access to the form to register, it is high time to do so. rear machine.

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