Not long ago, Ubisoft presented more Beyond Good and Evil 2 through a livestream in which they unveiled a first gameplay video of the pre-alpha version highlighting melee combat. But beyond these extracts, they above all gave crisp information, in particular on game timeline.

  • In 2040the invention on Earth of a new engine allowed humanity to leave to colonize space.
  • In 2063, a crisis affects all networks on Earth. AI is turning against humans making the means of communication primitive again.
  • In 2086, the first hybrid is born. The hybrids participated in the colonization of space by serving as guinea pigs and sometimes as slaves.
  • In 2108, humanity finally leaves the Earth. Different expeditions, numbered from 1 to 5, have been sent to the four corners of the universe. They have lost contact with Earth.
  • In 2225the city of Ganesh is founded in System 3 (where the game takes place).
  • In 2314, a huge ship is attacked, and its crew decimated. This is the beginning of mysterious events.
  • In 2360, System 3 strongly prospered and became rich. It’s the beginning of the golden age of piracy in System 3.
  • At an undetermined date, and shortly before the start of Beyond Good & Evil 2, it is the birth of Jade, the heroine of the first game.

If the title will only happen in System 3, there will be surprises around depending on Michel Ancel. The team didn’t want to create millions of planets, just a few with a purpose and a story.

During the livestream, it was confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will mix single player, cooperative and multiplayer. Players will be able to create their own captain, who can be human, hybrid, male, female, or “other genders”. You will be able recruit secondary characters and enemies to your crew. All of them will have a role, as a doctor or even a spy, and will allow you to discover more places.

Although Jade is no longer the main character, the idea of ​​the camera will always be present through spy glasses. They will allow you to take pictures, scan the surroundings and much more.

Game won’t explain Beyond Good and Evil ending, but it will clear up several mysteries from the first episode, including the origins of the Hybrids and Jade. Thus, those who have not played the first opus will be able to discover the world of the game in a natural way without having to reconnect their PS2.

Finally, in terms of development, more than 120 people at Ubisoft Montpelier are working on the gamewhile studios based in Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux and Sofia come to lend a hand.

Come to E3 2018 to learn and see more Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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