O’Donnell currently wears two hats: she’s senior adviser to Harris and acting chief of staff to Emhoff, and she lends her expertise to a range of national and global issues, including gender equality and the fight against prejudice against Jews, a major issue for Emhoff. , who is Jewish.

O’Donnell also served as communications director for Jill Biden, when she was second lady during Joe Biden’s vice presidency when Barack Obama was president. O’Donnell helped Jill Biden raise awareness and support for U.S. military families and promote community colleges.

She has extensive experience in developing global partnerships, public affairs and strategic communications, having held leadership positions in two presidential administrations, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, national political campaigns and the private sector, according to his official biography.

O’Donnell most recently oversaw global partnerships at Airbnb.

Former White House chief of staff Ron Klain said his colleagues around the world trusted him.

“She is a fantastic choice and she will do a fantastic job at UNESCO,” he said in a statement.

Cathy Russell worked with O’Donnell in the second lady’s office and said she was skilled at developing global partnerships, creating social impact campaigns and providing strategic advice on a range of issues.

“Anyone who knows Courtney knows that she is committed to the value of global engagement and strengthening American leadership in the world,” Russell said.

The Senate will vote on whether or not to confirm O’Donnell’s nomination.

The first lady attended a ceremony at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris at the end of July, where the American flag was hoisted to mark the official reinstatement of Washington within the UN agency after the absence initiated by the Republican Trump. She spoke of the importance of American leadership in preserving cultural heritage and empowering education and science around the world.

The United States announced its intention to rejoin UNESCO in June, and the organization’s 193 member states voted in July to approve the United States’ rejoining. The ceremony officially signified that the United States became the 194th member – and flag owner – of the agency.

The U.S. decision to return was based primarily on fear that China had filled a leadership gap since Washington’s withdrawal, underscoring the broader geopolitical dynamics at play, particularly China’s growing influence in international institutions.

The US exit from UNESCO in 2017 exposed an alleged anti-Israel bias within the organization. The move follows a decision by UNESCO in 2011 to include Palestine as a member state, which led the United States and Israel to stop funding the agency. The US withdrawal became official in 2018.

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