Black Friday 2023: video projectors to grab without delay


Black Friday 2023: video projectors to grab without delay

Have you put the video projector on your Black Friday shopping list? Many offers are already available. Stocks are melting like snow in the sun, so now is not the time to hesitate! Projection in broad daylight, premium sound (with the possible addition of a soundbar), exemplary resolution… For a breathtaking image, you will need to opt for a model with 4K resolution. Whether you have a projection screen or a blank wall, you will be able to take advantage of the latest technological advances to ensure entertainment worthy of the name. In addition, its often discreet format (sometimes more elegant than a television screen) will not detract from the decoration of your living room! So ready to see the big picture?

The best Black Friday 2023 deals on video projectors

Immerse yourself in an immersive cinematic experience without breaking the bank with exceptional Black Friday projector deals. The much-anticipated shopping event is offering exclusive discounts on a range of high-quality projectors this year. For fans of movies, games and large format entertainment, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. Follow our guide to find the best deals on video projectors during Black Friday!

The mini portable wi-fi video projector, Nebula

Perfect for the home, this video projector, no bigger than a soda can, is easy to transport from one room to another. Start your movie from the comfort of the living room sofa and once you feel sleepy, slip into bed and project it on your bedroom wall.

The portable video projector for home entertainment, Nebula

Featuring IntelliBright DLP technology, this video projector projects a radiant 500 lumens image to ensure ultra-precise resolution. Don’t be afraid of regretting your flat screen, with this technological gem you ensure incredibly clear video quality.

The mini portable video projector with integrated Harman Kardon speakers, Xgimi

Feel like you’re at the stadium at home, with this video projector equipped with a unique sound system from Harman Kardon. Ideal for fully immersing yourself in the competition without moving from your sofa thanks to its voice control. The extra thing? The speakers can be used alone like a Bluetooth speaker to listen to the Blues anthem at half-time!

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