Ukraine carried out a missile strike on September 22 against the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea fleet, located in the city center of Sevastopol in Crimea. A soldier is missing, announces Russian Defense.

“The enemy carried out a missile attack on the headquarters of the fleet,” wrote the governor of the Sevastopol administrative region, Mikhail Razvojaev, on his Telegram channel on September 22.

He said an assessment of potential victims was “being established” and that debris had fallen near the nearby Lunacharsky Theater. “I ask you to keep calm and not publish photos or videos” of the scene, declared Mikhail Razvojaïev, indicating that emergency services were responding on site. “A new attack is possible,” he added.

Five missiles shot down, announces Russian Defense

According to the TASS agency, a large number of ambulances went to the scene, adding that no casualties had yet been reported.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the disappearance of a serviceman. “While they were repelling a missile attack, five missiles were shot down by air defense systems,” assures the same source. For its part, the Ukrainian army claimed a “successful strike” on Telegram.

In the morning, Russian Defense announced that it had intercepted several missiles and drones off the coast of Crimea. In mid-September, a cruise missile attack damaged two boats undergoing repairs at a Sevastopol shipyard.

In the territories bordering Ukraine, Ukrainian attempts at drone or missile attacks are reported almost daily.

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