The frontiers of Diablo 4 open with the Vessel of Hatred expansion, for new adventures in the jungles of Torajan and the introduction of a new class in the Diablo universe. A nostalgic foray into the twists and turns of the jungles of Torajan! With the recent announcement of the Vessel of Hatred expansion during BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard is awakening the memories of veterans while innovating for Diablo 4 fans.

A new class, never explored before, is about to shake up combat strategies in this highly anticipated return. Mark your calendars for the end of 2024, and stay tuned over the summer for further revelations on this exciting chapter.

A triumphant return to the jungle of Torajan

The BlizzCon 2023 stage was the scene of the announcement of Vessel of Hatred, the first expansion for the action RPG Diablo 4. The reveal was accompanied by a trailer that reconnects with the Torajan jungle from Diablo 2, under the menacing narration of Mephisto, the legendary antagonist (and not the old man’s slipper). If the trailer reveals few details, it nevertheless closes with a panoramic view of the Mayan pyramids which characterize the city of Kurast in Diablo 2.

A new class to discover

Tiffany Wat, production director of Diablo 4, promises the introduction of a completely new class, ruling out the hypothesis of a return of classes such as the Paladin, the Assassin or the Witch Doctor. Speculation is open as to the nature of this class, possibly inspired by Torajan lore or entirely unexpected.

Data mining leak

Leaked information, initially revealed by Russian YouTuber YbuBaKa and reported by Sportskeedasuggests that the new class would wield the sword, with a focus on nature and flight, named Spiritborn. This information, although unconfirmed, still correctly identified the location of the expansion and Mephisto’s involvement.

New mercenary and raid system

The leak also foresees the introduction of a new mercenary system for recruiting followers and a raid titled Tomb of Akarat. For the moment, Vessel of Hatred is scheduled for release in late 2024, with assurances from Blizzard that more details will be shared during the summer.

The announcement of Vessel of Hatred instills a wave of excitement for fans of the horned beast, with the promise of a journey that is both familiar and innovative. The introduction of a previously unknown class is the perfect opportunity for players to discover new ways to immerse themselves in the fight against the evil forces of Sanctuary.

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