It looks like Blizzard planning something with the series Diablo ! Indeed, the publisher has posted several job offers on its site for an unannounced project around the famous hack’n’slash license. But now, the company has updated its recruitment page with a new listing.

So, Blizzard would be looking for a Game Director capable of “taking the Diablo series into the future”. There are of course other job offers for the following professions: Animator, Senior Animator, Senior Character Artist, Senior Concept Artist, Senior VFX Artist.

So now it remains to be seen what this mysterious project is. Is this an MMO in the universe of Diablo as fans request (a World of Diablo to replace World of Warcraft ?) ? Or a fourth iteration of the saga with the gameplay specific to the series? In any case, it seems that we will have to wait at least until the Blizzcon to find out (if not more).

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