Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons back in 2024


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons back in 2024

Initially released in 2013, the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be back in 2024. This remake was announced during the Game Awards 2023 ceremony and will be available on February 28 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Created by Josef Fares, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons tells the story of two brothers in search of water from the Tree of Life to heal their father. The title had marked the minds of many players as you have to control both characters with a single controller. The game was designed both to be played alone or cooperatively.

For the moment, the developers have not indicated the precise changes that this new version of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will bring. However, we know that the title uses the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

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