Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

call of duty 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

The editors’ Call of Duty noob (that’s me), was allowed to review Black Ops 3. For years I’ve said no to Call of Duty (except Black Ops 1), but last year I couldn’t resist with Advanced Warfare during an offer. This year Black Ops 3 arrived on my doorstep and it was time to really step away from my faith. Disc in it and see how I like Call of Duty after many years of no.

Campaign, a wild, weird ride

When I started the Campaign there was little time to give myself time with the controls. You are immediately sucked into the game during the first mission. The game takes place in the year 2065 and some missions also earlier. In short, the campaign is nice to play, it has a playing time of 9 hours, which is doable. The campaign is action-packed and I feel it is fun to play. Because the campaign is full of action, you keep playing and you don’t really want to stop. The campaign remains very linear and there are therefore no choices to be made that influence the storyline. It has the feeling of, ‘go here, try to do this and get to the end of the level’.

In addition, the campaign is a big mindf * ck. The game has many twists and turns, so you sometimes lose the picture of the big picture. This happened at the beginning, but towards the end you keep scratching your head. The developers say they have done this so that you will play the campaign more often, to better understand the game. Something I think is noble, but then you have to make a campaign that is worth repeating and that is not the campaign of Black Ops 3.

It’s not that I didn’t find the campaign interesting, on the contrary. The Campaign is so interesting because you don’t understand much about it. You try to find the loose threads in your head and that makes you think, something few games with a single player do nowadays. In addition, a safe house has also been added in the game. In this area you can find your hidden collectibles, but also play a Dead Ops II. This is a top down shooter that brought me a lot of fun and caught me putting a lot of time into this at times.

After the campaign, the fun is not over yet, because the game gives us a second campaign mode. The Nightmare mode. It’s almost the same campaign, but with zombies. This mode gives us slightly different dialogues and a different character. It shows that Treyarch has had a lot of time for this game, as the game is loaded with content.


Where many of them get the game for zombies, this was actually the underserved part for me. To be honest, I never really looked into it and it couldn’t get my appreciation, I thought it was pointless to shoot zombies in a thick shooter, but how different is that now. Where friends of mine invited me to a game of Zombies in the new map, and damn what a story. I didn’t know there was a story in it, so just a short summary of the story, there are four characters, each of which has committed a bad thing, murder and stuff. These four must seek redemption in the form of rituals, and let this also be the way to upgrade your weapon. In each district you will find a part of someone, a badge, a wig, a boxing belt, and a golden pen, you use this to start a ritual, you see yourself or the correct character hovering above the summoning table and then it goes loose, there will be ghosts, and some other riffraff and hop your first ritual is over. This whole event in itself has an attraction to me that made me want to steam through to the last ritual. Unfortunately not yet achieved, but well it is not easy. Where you often leave a crawler behind to investigate, this one suddenly starts walking here if it takes him too long, I was really shocked. If you haven’t tried the zombies yet, I highly recommend this one, it’s challenging and actually offers you more fun than I thought. You can achieve it on your own or with friends. Definitely recommended the zombie mode.


One of the most important aspects in a Call of Duty game is the multiplayer. The multiplayer has also been expanded from the start this year with 12 playable maps in different settings and therefore different tactics.

The Matchmaking was really lousy in the first days of the launch, especially if you were in a Party with friends. I play Black Ops 3 a lot with friends and what struck me is that we were together, but that we ended up playing against people of level 40, while we were only level 15. As a result, you soon noticed that there was little balance between the two teams, which is a shame. It gets better every day, but you still notice that sometimes the matchmaking is really wrong and that there are two unequal teams against each other in Team Deathmatch. There is also sometimes the fact that the party is split up and that eventually your friends are in the game and you are still waiting for the game to start (which never starts). Treyarch still has some work to do in matchmaking, because at the moment the wait is sometimes very long and especially with friends it is sometimes a drama. In addition, 15 players are also put in a game of up to 12 people, which means that you have to wait a long time until there are 12 players in total.

There’s no shortage of Modes in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and I must say I’m enjoying all of them a lot. I can mainly be found in Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch and Domination. The fashions have remained the same after all the years, but this is not a bad thing. The modes still work well, only one mode works better than the other. For example, Kill Confirmed on a small map like NukeTown is still very difficult, but Domination is great again on such a map. It’s what you like, but one mode lends itself better to the other map. The only thing is that Treyarch has removed Kill Confirmed from the Hardcore mode, many fans are disappointed by this and I understand this. So it would be great if Treyarch could still put this in the game.

The Spawning online can still be called very bad, it is often the case that you are on the other side of the map, but meanwhile all your enemies spawn behind you, or that you have just died and suddenly all your enemies are behind you. This sometimes results in a moment of frustration. In addition, you will be spawned on the other side of the map every once in a while, because one of your teammates just takes a step over the invisible spawn line.


The graphics are again great in this game and for a shooters everything looks great, the weapons look really good, the movements in them, but also the environments. You can really see this come into its own in the Campaign, especially in the cutscenes. In this you see a big difference with the gameplay and a cinematic cut scene. The cutscenes just look much better, so it’s sometimes a disappointment when you can play again and it doesn’t look so good. A small minus, but I could sometimes irritate myself. Furthermore, the game makes up for a lot when it comes to frame rate in the thick action, the game just runs smoothly when there is considerable action, this is sometimes different in games. A lot of attention has been paid to details and that plays nicely. This week a picture of MW2 came online that came out so many years ago, and if you look at where we come from and where we are, this is a shooter that still looks cool.

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