It is January 31 next to the players PlayStation 4season pass holders, will be able to get their hands on the paid content of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare entitled Sabotage. The other platforms will have to wait about a month more before seeing the extension in question arrive. But then, what’s good in perspective to start the new year?

4 “new” multiplayer maps will arrive. You will have noticed the quotes, because indeed one of them will be a reissue of an old Call of Duty and not just any Call of Duty, in this case Modern Warfare 2. You will note that the maps will move away somewhat of this too futuristic and cold aspect pointed out by many players:

  • Black : Dark and dirty urban map, inspired by a nocturnal and futuristic Brooklyn, Noir is marked by the opposition between a classic three-axis design and an apocalyptic future setting, filled with cafes and parks delimiting a city center where violence and combat zones are legion.
  • Neon: An urban conflict simulator that will strongly remind you of Mirror’s Edge, Neon is a unique virtual battle arena, where cars and other structures magically appear and enemies dissolve into hundreds of pixels when ‘they are defeated. The sightlines in the center will satisfy players who are adept snipers while the contours of the map will allow for quick counter-attacks in closer combat.
  • Rebirth: Located in the north of Italy, the Renaissance map pits players against each other in the narrow streets of Venice, framed by these constructions and buildings with classic architecture favoring non-stop action through the many canals and districts of this oh so city iconic.
  • Dominion: A revisited version of the legendary Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2, now relocated to Mars, Dominion retains all the landmarks and features of the original, centered around the crashed ship at its center, while making some improvements that allow to take advantage of the new movement system.

That’s not all, since a new zombie experience in cooperative mode, called Rave in the Redwoodswill also be offered to you via the DLC. Willard Wylerthe crazy director returns for a hellish acid trip in the 90s. The four playable characters from the original story will this time have to fight brand new species of undead in an abandoned summer camp on the edge of a lake, taken over by party zombies having transformed the place into a gigantic illusion with a techno background.

To get a better idea of ​​all this content coming to Infinite Warfare, here is the trailer released for the occasion by Activision:

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