MWII to MWIII: Carry Forward Overview

With the official Worldwide Reveal of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III just days away, Comms have now been officially activated. For the first time in Call of Duty’s history, a significant amount of content from a previous Modern Warfare game will transfer, or “carry forward,” and be accessible in the next Modern Warfare title. The content delivery is astonishing, combining weapons from both Modern Warfare titles to provide players with a vast arsenal from day one.

What is “Carry Forward”?

“Carry Forward” refers to the content currently available in Modern Warfare II and the current version of Call of Duty: Warzone. This includes weapons, cosmetic content, bundles, operators, rewards, and unlocks from the game. The concept is how much of this content will be accessible in Modern Warfare III.

Topline Intel: What will “Carry Forward” into MWIII

Weapons and cosmetic content, as illustrated in the provided image, which have been unlocked or are currently available to players in MWII, will carry forward between MWII and MWIII.

Caveats to Consider

A small amount of content might not be available if gameplay offerings differ in Modern Warfare III. For example, if MWIII lacks certain vehicles or specific equipment, any corresponding unlocked skins from MWII won’t be available in MWIII. Additionally, Wartracks (music) will not carry forward from MWII to MWIII.

Warzone-Related Questions

  1. Does Carry Forward apply to Call of Duty: Warzone (MWII)?


Modern Warfare III content will integrate into Call of Duty: Warzone at the start of Modern Warfare III Season 01. The Modern Warfare II content specified in this article will remain in Warzone and not be removed.

  1. Is Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III Content accessible in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile?

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will have shared progression across Modern Warfare II, the current Warzone, and Modern Warfare III. This includes operators, weapons, blueprints, cosmetic equipment, player level, battle pass access, and weapon progression.

Operator-Related Questions

  1. How does Carry Forward work for Operators I acquired?

All unlocked operators and operator skins from Modern Warfare II will carry forward into Modern Warfare III. Operators acquired via challenges, purchases, or other means will be available in MWIII.

  1. What happens to MWII Operators who are no longer available or were timed exclusives?

Timed-exclusive MWII operators and skins not obtained during the specified period will remain unavailable. This applies to Battle Pass Operators, Skins, and BlackCell Operators and Skins.

Weapons and Gunsmith-Related Questions

  1. Do all weapons in Modern Warfare II carry forward to Modern Warfare III?


All weapons from MWII will be available in MWIII. Unlock challenges for each weapon must be completed to access them in MWIII.

  1. Do all attachments in Modern Warfare II carry forward?


All attachments from MWII will carry forward to MWIII.

Cosmetics-Related Questions

  1. Do Weapon Charms, Stickers, Emblems, and Loading Screens carry forward?


All these cosmetic items will carry forward.

  1. What about Vehicle Skins, Wartracks, and Calling Cards?

Generally yes, but some MWII vehicles, Wartracks, and certain equipment might not be available in MWIII.

Other Questions

  1. How do I know if a Modern Warfare II Store Bundle is usable in Modern Warfare III?

Labeling in the MWII store will confirm if content is usable in both games.

  1. What happens if I purchase Modern Warfare III first, then Modern Warfare II?

Both sets of content will be available if you own both games. Weapon progression will update between games.

  1. Does Carry Forward content work in a “Carry Back” capacity?


No content from Modern Warfare III can be played in Modern Warfare II.

Stay tuned for more intel as we approach the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.


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