Huawei introduced Celia in March, your own smart assistant to compete with Bixby, Google Assistant or Siri, among others. It is a proposal integrated into the latest devices of Chinese society and which is taking its first steps in this territory of the participants.

We say how to configure and use Celia Since then being a new assistant there may be several questions about how it works and how you can get the most out of it.

How to set up and use Celia

Celia is in the device settings themselves, in the “Huawei Assistant” section. Inside we will find a photo of “Hey Celia” and the list of possibilities. We will break them down one by one so that you can see how it can be configured and what can be done with this wizard.

The first section is “AI Voice”, the first thing we need to configure to start using Celia. Here we can configure voice activation and power button activation, as well as assistant languages. An important point is that one can click on the voice activation setting to reconfigure the wake-up phrase. This parameter helps the assistant to better recognize our voice.

Second, we have the “AI Objective” section. This is a Huawei function that allows you to scan QR codes, instant translations, purchases, count food calories, identify objects and other actions through the camera. This function cannot be configured and is built into the system., so you will find it in the camera interface.

AI Touch is the third function integrated into Celia and allows us identify the text on the screen with a gesture. If we tap with two fingers, for example, on an image, a search will be made for similar products, with purchase links to it, if available. This feature can be turned on or off at will and works system-wide, not just in Huawei’s official browser.

Another of the sections that we find in the ‘Huawei Assistant’ section is related to smart notifications. This is a series of notifications about app usage, weather, news, calendar events, etc. In our experience they are not bothersome, so that we can activate them without any problem. We can customize these notifications individually, as well as turn them off all at once.

AI Search is a feature that is not so related to Huawei Assistant, but it is part of Celia’s settings. This is a quick access to the search bar by swiping down on the main desktop. Here we can configure scope of research, adding or omitting applications and services that we want you to find or not.

Some of the functions that Celia can perform

Celia is still very limited, so we can’t ask for as much as Google Assistant or Siri. However, we have verified that some useful commands work.

  • Hey celia set an alarm
  • Hey Celia, search (what u wanna search) in the browser
  • Hey Celia, what’s the weather like today?
  • Hey Celia, translate (what you want to translate) into (language you want to translate)
  • Hey Celia, scan a code
  • Hey Celia, call (the person you wanna call)
  • Hey Celia, open the app (the app you want to open), it must be downloaded from the app gallery
  • Hey Celia, put on airplane mode
  • Hey Celia, turn on (or off) Bluetooth
  • Hey Celia, tell me how much is this product (the one you can make with the camera)
  • Hey celia open the settings
  • Hey celia turn on the sound
  • Hey Celia, create an event for tomorrow at 2 p.m.
  • Hi Celia, send a message to (the person you want to send the message to)

Source: Frandroid

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