Celine Dion named 10th best Canadian singer in history by the American magazine “Rolling Stone”


Celine Dion named 10th best Canadian singer in history by the American magazine “Rolling Stone”

After excluding Celine Dion from its list of the greatest singers of all time, the magazine rolling stone places the diva of Charlemagne in 10e position from the list of the best Canadian musical artists in history.

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The American magazine had created controversy, at the beginning of the year, by failing to include the interpreter of my heart Will Go On in his ranking of the greatest singers, pushing some fans of the Quebecois to show their dissatisfaction as far as New York.

The publication also seems to be trying to avoid these outbursts of disgruntled fans in the preamble to this new list, published on the occasion of Canada Day.

“Are all the important Canadian musicians there? No. But the 50 that we love the most are there, ”says the American magazine.

THE rolling stone also takes advantage of his introduction to present his “sincere and respectful condolences” to fans of various artists excluded from the charts, citing in passing the Quebec formations Voivod and Bran Van 3000.

Behind Alanis Morissette

Celine Dion is thus enthroned in 10e position, just behind Shania Twain, The Weeknd and Alanis Morissette, respectively placed 7e at 9 o’clocke rank.

“Few artists are as beloved by Canadians as Celine Dion, and for good reason: her story (the youngest of a working-class family in a small Quebec village who became an international superstar) is every pop star’s dream, and the respect and the admiration the world has for him makes Canadians proud.

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“His enormous career is undeniable, including number 1 songs, countless awards and a titanic moment. Her voice is unmistakable, a roaring tour de force, and she has the stage presence to go along with it. Still, Celine Dion will say her greatest accomplishment was making her family – and her country – proud. And for that, our love for Celine Dion will be eternal, ”continues the American magazine.

Note that Celine Dion is the only singer in the French-speaking repertoire to appear on this list.

Some Quebecers

A handful of Quebecers also find themselves in the ranking of rolling stone; rock band Godspeed You! The Black Emperor inherits 31e position, while the tandem formed by sisters Kate and Anne McGarrigle is in 16e place. Arcade Fire and the late Leonard Cohen rank 12e and 4e rank, respectively.

As for the first place, it goes to the Canadian icon Joni Mitchell.

The 50 best Canadian musical artists of history according to Rolling Stone:

1. Joni Mitchell

2. Neil Young

3. Rush

4. Leonard Cohen

5. Drake

6. The Group

7. Shania Twain

8. The weekend

9. Alanis Morissette

10. Celine Dion

11. Gordon Lightfoot

12. Arcade Fire

13. Tegan and Sara

14. Carly Rae Jepsen

15. New Pronographers

16. Kate and Anna McGarrigle

17. Justin Bieber

18. The Tragic Hip

19. Hank Snow


21. Feist

22. Avril Lavigne

23. Destroyer

24. Sarah McLachlan

25. Japanese Androids

26. Guess Who

27. Shawn Mendes

28. Buffy Saint Mary

29. Alvvays

30. Bryan Adams

31. Good luck! black emperor

32. Boy in Love

33. Richie Hawtin

34. Anne Murray

35. Nelly Furtado

36. Shattered Social Scene

37. Alessia Cara


39. Party by the Door

40. kd lang


42. Peaches

43. Sum 41

44. Death From Above 1979

45. Barenaked Ladies

46. ​​Daniel Caesar

47. April Wine

48. Terri Clark

49. Martha and the muffins

50. Snow


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