The Canva plugin for ChatGPT assists you in your search for templates

The ChatGPT plugin store, available to users who subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus paid version, is enriched with a novelty: a Canva plugin. The conversational agent hosts the graphic design solution and its many templates. Indeed, this Canva plugin will make it easier for you to find templates for all your creations, whether it’s banners for social networks, Reels on Instagram, a CV or a Twitch overlay.

The principle is simple: once the Canva plugin is installed and activated, you can, using a prompt, make a simple request to ChatGPT, such as suggesting CV templates for a developer profile. ChatGPT will then use Canva to respond to you, and offer you five templates or models, all accompanied by a link directly to Canva, where you can modify and personalize your visual.

How to install and use the Canva plugin with ChatGPT

To install the Canva plugin, you must first subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Then, on the home page, select GPT-4 before a new conversation with the chatbot. Plugins are not available on ChatGPT mobile applications, you will need to use the desktop version. Click on the drop-down menu displaying by default “No plugins enabled” and search for Canva. If the plugin does not appear, click on “Plugin store” at the bottom of the drop-down menu and manually type in your search. Then activate the plugin, it is then ready to use.

Then just enter your request to ChatGPT: a Twitter banner, a template for a Story, a Twitch overlay, etc. However, it is useless for the moment to hope for customization. The Canva plugin is limited to making you suggestions, which you can try to personalize for more relevant results.

For example, we asked for an X banner (formerly Twitter) for a profile dealing with football news in France (see image of one). We wanted the terms “Actu Ligue 1” and the name of the associated X account to appear. We only got fairly generic templates, as the plugin has no template customization capabilities outside of Canva’s platform. ChatGPT also warns you: You can click “Use this template” for each proposal to customize it directly in Canva. If you need help with customization, please let me know! »

Nevertheless, some themes are better referenced and there are more models. For example, for a LinkedIn banner associated with a digital marketing account, we had results closer to our request. But not everything is perfectly on point: some suggestions sometimes deviate from the requests, others that seem simple are not respected (such as the request for a particular color tone, for example) and, sometimes, it seems that a prompt in English is better taken into account. This plugin is currently limited to saving you potential wasted scrolling time among Canva models by offering them directly in ChatGPT. As long as you prompt faster than you scroll!

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