Pokemon Go’s Dark Flames event offers a compelling fork in the road: the decision between Dark-type and Fire-type Pokemon. The question then arises: which path should you tread?

The Pokemon Go Journey: The Art of Choice

Periodically, Pokemon Go introduces divergent routes, demanding your choice between various alternatives. These decisions shape the trajectory of your Timed Research or Special Research quests, and consequentially, the rewards you stand to gain. Thus, making the right call is crucial.

Recently, the game unveiled a new branching path under the Dark Flames Timed Research umbrella. Upon the conclusion of the quest’s initial stage, you’re faced with a tough choice: will it be Dark-type Pokemon or Fire-type Pokemon?

In a new twist to the ‘choose a path’ conundrum, your choice now bears consequences beyond just the rewards—it also affects the wild spawns you come across when using Incense. To make the process easier, we’ve put together a brief rundown of the perks associated with each type.

Pokemon Go’s Best Path: Dark or Fire?

In our professional opinion, for the Dark Flames Timed Research, the Dark-type Pokemon route is the way to go.

The rewards encountered on this path are most appealing. Sneasel’s evolution to Weavile introduces an outstanding Ice-type or Dark-type fighter for Raid Battles, whereas Scrafty (Scraggy’s evolution) is a sought-after contender for both the Great League and Ultra League. Both are great assets to any collection.

Alternatively, the Fire-type Pokemon path gives you a chance to encounter Alolan Marowak, a reliable pick for the Great League. Plus, you’ll get a Darumaka, whose evolution into Darmanitan makes it a top-tier Fire-type fighter for Raid Battles.

Nevertheless, this choice is ultimately a matter of personal preference. If your heart leans towards Dark-type Pokemon, choose that path. If Fire-type Pokemon excite you more, go down that road! To help, we’ve included some of the potential rewards for each choice below.

 The Dark-type Path Unveiled

Selecting the Dark-type path in the Dark Flames Timed Research grants exclusive rewards such as encounters with Carvanha, Sneasel, and Scraggy. Additionally, during the event, using Incense will draw in Dark-type Pokemon.

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The challenges you’ll need to conquer primarily involve Dark-type Pokemon. The tasks go beyond simple catch-’em-all activities and include powering up, evolving, and purifying your Pokemon among others. This path may be ideal if you have a considerable number of Dark-type Pokemon you’re willing to devote resources to.

The Fire-type Path Unveiled

Opting for the Fire-type path in the Dark Flames Timed Research gifts you with unique rewards such as encounters with Slugma, Alolan Marowak, and Darumaka. Also, using Incense during the event attracts Fire-type Pokemon.

Similar to the Dark-type path, the Fire-type route necessitates the completion of a slew of tasks that involve catching, powering up, and capturing snapshots of Fire-type Pokemon. This path could demand a significant amount of time, so if your collection is already brimming with Fire-type Pokemon, this path might be more suited to you.

Beyond the specific Pokemon encounters listed above, the rewards for completing each task in the Timed Research are universal, irrespective of the chosen path. These range from Poke Balls and Stardust to a coveted Houndoom encounter.

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