Closer to Release, Chrono Cross Remaster Shows Off Gameplay


Closer to Release, Chrono Cross Remaster Shows Off Gameplay

The remaster of the first console classic playstation will arrive on next April 7. But, while waiting for the few days that separate us from its release, the game shows itself through a long gameplay sequence produced by the Japanese magazine Famitsu. A broadcast that certainly did not fail to react, and not necessarily for the better.

An unstable framerate?

The video uploaded, and reported below, introduces us to the version playstation4 of this Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

And, as you’ll no doubt have seen, a few flaws caught the eye of viewers. With a reworked appearance and musical composition, the title however generated criticism for its framerate drops. Offering a stable frequency during the exploration phases in theoverworld, the software is not flawless when it comes to the combat part. This is what we can read in particular on ResetEra :

The frequency of the fights oscillates between 60 and 15 fps~ lol. The filter on the backgrounds is really awful. Maybe the PC version can be saved.

In addition to PS4 and PC, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is also expected on Xbox One and Switch.

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