“Common service” for “failing parents”, confirms Aurore Bergé – Libération

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“Common service” for “failing parents”, confirms Aurore Bergé – Libération

The Minister of Solidarity and Families, Aurore Bergé, confirms, in an interview with “La Tribune Dimanche”, measures against “failing parents”, implicated during the riots which took place last summer after the death of Nahel.

Haro on what the government calls “failing parents» ! Aurore Bergé, the Minister of Solidarity and Families, confirmed, in an interview with the Tribune on Sunday, that they could be subjected to work of general interest. Involved during the riots which took place last summer after the death of Nahel, the “defaulting parents” could also be liable to fines, explains Aurore Bergé, if they do not appear.to hearings that concern their children» or when their boys or girls are “guilty of damages“.

At the end of October, at the Sorbonne, the head of government, Elisabeth Borne, announced the establishment of a legal arsenal against parents whose lack of authority is singled out – a measure of community service was there . already present. These recurring accusations, particularly from single-parent families, are based on a study by the Ministry of Justice, carried out based on the convictions handed down after the riots last summer. It appears that 40% of the young rioters were aged 13 to 15 and that 60% of them lived in single-parent families.

“Tour de France of parenthood”

For her part, Aurore Bergé is responsible for a parental project which she detailed in her interview with Grandstand Sunday. The minister announced the creation, on Monday, December 11, of a scientific commission, co-chaired by the famous child psychiatrist Serge Hefez and the author of Let’s save our children, Hélène Roques. They will have ” six months, said the ministerto make me concrete proposals”, intended for “Meeting the challenges of parenting today“. This commission will also include doctors, magistrates and sociologists, researcher Irène Théry, child psychiatrist David Cohen and even judge Alice Grunenwald, according to Tribune Sunday. The main avenues for reflection relate to ways of supporting overwhelmed parents, resolving family conflicts and dealing with violence and addictions among young people.

“ I am sure of it: we cannot do without parents, nor without them, nor against them», further affirms Aurore Bergé who begins, this Monday, December 11, “a parental tour of France», departing from Angers (Maine-et-Loire). “There is clearly a question of authority to be restored, it is neither corny nor reactionary to say so. We can clearly see that parents can be overwhelmed, disoriented when faced with new risks: a sedentary lifestyle, the growing importance of screens too. she emphasizes. The minister, for whom “all social circles are concerned” , wanna ” give parents their rightful place ” : they ” cannot be the forgotten ones of our public policies», insists Bergé.

What about failing fathers?

The minister denies wanting “provide instructions for use, as there are none“. “ Conversely, we can support those who feel alone in times of change and anxiety, those who see their authority questioned by the pseudo-experts who deploy on TikTok.“, she specifies. Evoking “these mothers who go out into the street in the evening to pick up their children and put them back on the right path» during the riots at the end of June,Aurore Bergé believes that “we can’t just focus on parenting in the face of crises“. She also worries about failing fathers. “ Where is the second parent, often the father? Fathers can’t settle for child support. Society has finally accepted the fact that women take on certain tasks with children on their own.”, she notes. However, for the moment, she is not announcing any measures concerning these absent fathers. It remains to be seen whether the Hefez commission will take up this matter.

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“Common service” for “failing parents”, confirms Aurore Bergé – Libération - 1

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