The general secretary of the Communist Party was violently attacked during Humanity Day. His debate with Edouard Philippe was interrupted, Sandrine Rousseau scolded him then he was jeered by the public.

A paradox ? The 2023 edition of the Huma Festival, a large left-wing back-to-school gathering, was particularly hard for the secretary general of the Communist Party Fabien Roussel, widely taken to task during an event organized by the newspaper historically very close to the PCF.

An interrupted “presidential debate”

Tens of thousands of people gathered at “base 217”, in Essonne, from September 15 to 17. “Let’s rediscover this taste for debate”, it is with these words that the secretary general of the Communist Party Fabien Roussel welcomed Edouard Philippe in September. 17. A way of trying to defuse the criticism aimed at him for having invited the former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron.

But their exchange was interrupted by a left-wing activist, Ritchie Thibault, came to denounce the former head of the executive who “acted during the Yellow Vests”, accusing him of having “blinded” them. His vigorous arrest by the security forces was denounced by the rebellious deputy Aymeric Caron, who regretted a “disastrous image”.

Curious that at the Fête de l’Humanité a yellow vest activist who appeared on stage to criticize Édouard Philippe was dismissed like a … Are we no longer revolutionaries? We prefer to defend the representatives of the established order who attack the demonstrators and…

– Aymeric Caron (@CaronAymericoff) September 17, 2023

Sandrine Rousseau doesn’t want steak

The day before, during an intervention on September 16, MP Sandrine Rousseau directly attacked Fabien Roussel by saying: “No, Fabien, you will not win with a steak. » A reference to the small media clashes between these two personalities, Sandrine Rousseau having denounced the consumption of meat through barbecues in August 2022 as being a “symbol of virility”. To which the leader of the communists retorted: “We eat meat based on what we have in our wallet, not in our underwear. »

A pass of arms which therefore resumed on September 16 at the Huma Festival, Sandrine Rousseau this time attacking more particularly the divisions which her communist counterpart is said to be at the origin. So she lashed out: “When one of us, whoever he is, decides on a strategy alone, then the whole castle collapses. »

A celebration of disunity

Attacked by Sandrine Rousseau and widely criticized by La France insoumise, the secretary general of the PCF was also jeered by the public present at the concert of the controversial rapper Médine, who took up the slogan “No, Roussel is not a comrade! » .*

Since the success of the 2022 legislative elections, the left-wing Nupes coalition has struggled to find a second wind. La France insoumise thus regretted not having been able to form alliances for the senatorial elections and the different components of the left should leave separately for the European elections of 2024.

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