Compulsory composting in all homes on January 1, under penalty of a fine? It’s wrong

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Compulsory composting in all homes on January 1, under penalty of a fine?  It’s wrong
  • In three weeks, from January 1, 2024, new rules come into force in France concerning the sorting of peelings and leftover meals.
  • Contrary to what some people think, obligations will concern communities more than individuals. Because it is up to the first to propose sorting solutions at the source of bio-waste and to put them in place.
  • Residents who do not play the game will therefore be neither controlled nor financially sanctioned, especially since the municipalities are late in deploying this service.

And where should I put this banana peel? In three weeks, from January 1, 2024, new rules come into force in France concerning the sorting of bio-waste, which represents a third of our trash bags and ends up buried or incinerated. Changes in practices which bring their share of misunderstandings and even false news due to the 2020 law, known as anti-waste for a circular economy (Agec), sometimes difficult for individuals to decipher.

The first one circulating is the idea that the French should all start composting their green waste at home. This is incorrect information, explains Muriel Bruschet, biowaste theme engineer at Ademe (Ecological Transition Agency). “The Agec law says that communities must offer the population a solution for sorting biowaste at the source. As a household, this obligation is not imposed directly on it.

There is therefore no need to equip all your loved ones in an apartment with worm composters for Christmas… It is up to your town hall to set up door-to-door collection, deploy sorting terminals in the streets, shared composters, or any other solution. . to get started with this new gesture. We also need to help those who live in a house and who have not yet started. “It is not up to citizens to buy their own garden composter or bio-bucket, but up to their intercommunity to offer them a sorting solution,” writes the Zéro Déchet association, which denounces certain “confusions”.

What is this 35 euro fine?

If Ademe reminds that sorting your bio-waste is a civic gesture and strongly encourages the practice, it confirms that no financial sanctions will be specially created if you do not play the game, especially if your community has not yet put anything in place . Contrary to a second rumor which suggests that citizens who do not sort their food waste would be exposed to a fine of 35 euros from January, Muriel Bruschet explains: “There will be no black bins open to check if people threw away bio-waste. The fine is actually provided for in article R632-1 of the Penal Code, but it applies to sorting instructions in general. »

As a citizen, you must respect the collection regulations of your community. “If you put your household waste in the yellow bin, for example, you risk being refused,” explains Muriel Bruschet. If this happens several times, you risk a fine, but communities rarely go that far since the first reminder is often enough.

Inspections and fines will therefore not be on the menu anytime soon if you do not throw your peelings in the recommended place… No sanctions are planned for the communities which are obliged to provide you with a sorting solution! And yet, not all municipalities are yet ready to implement these services, far from it. The Ministry of Ecological Transition estimates that only 27 million French people, or 40% of the population, will have a solution by 2024.

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Compulsory composting in all homes on January 1, under penalty of a fine? It’s wrong - 1

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