Coromon available now on App Store and Google Play Store


Coromon available now on App Store and Google Play Store

Freedom Games announced that Coromon is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store. They released a new trailer commemorating the release.

Freedom Games originally released Coromon in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is a monster taming RPG with several modes and features that set it apart from other entries in the genre. Over 120 species are available, with a Nuzlocke and Randomizer option included in the game. More details about the game are available on the Google Play Store.

Coromon Available now

Coromon is available on the Google Play Store, App Store and Nintendo eShop. The game is a “try before you buy” title, meaning that part of the game is completely free. To play the rest, players need to pay $4.99. The Google Play Store describes the gameplay as follows:


  • Assemble a team of over 120 charming creatures.
  • Master a combat system where every action costs resources, so choose your skills, status effects, and attacks carefully to defeat your enemies.
  • Challenge your friends online and find out which Coromon teams are the best.


  • Explore 6 main areas and cities with dozens of interconnected routes to travel.
  • Travel through frozen glacial caverns to the depths of burning deserts.
  • Play a key role in a classic, full-fledged JRPG narrative filled with twists, turns, and revelations.


  • Immerse yourself in the story in the simplest setting without hassle, or focus on tactics, calculations and resource management.
  • Use the built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes to add fan-favorite touches to the creature capture experience.
  • Create the trainer of your choice using hundreds of customizable elements like hairstyle, fashion and more.


  • Battle Dome mode will challenge your teams in new and unique ways. How many opponents can you defeat?
  • Daily and Weekly Challenges will give you more ways to unlock rewards just by playing.
  • 12 new languages ​​to choose from.
  • And more!

Check out the game’s trailer below:

Coromon is available now on Nintendo Switch, Google Play Store and App Store.


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