If there is indeed a rumor that persists over the months at home Sonyit is undoubtedly the possible return of Crash Bandicoot in the fold of Sony after long years of silence on the side of Activision. Many clues seemed to point in this direction in recent months, but today we learn that something unexpected could finally be hiding behind all this teasing.

If we believe the dealer Qisahn based in Singapore, the legendary hero of PlayStation 1 would indeed make a comeback, but through Skylanders with a special version of the starter pack of the next episode of the saga. Activision would thus use the same process as that implemented on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS with Skylanders SuperChargers.

All that remains is to hope that this first sign of the return of Sony’s former mascot is a harbinger of bigger things. Let us also remember that this was the case of the dragon Spyro, another PS1 mascot and present at the launch of Skylanders.

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