A streamer faced the challenge of being banned in Counter Strike 2 for using a console command. You can, if you wish, do the same trick to get permanently banned from the CS2 beta.

Counter Strike 2 could be one of the biggest releases in 2023. While we don’t know exactly when the game will be released, even though we have some clues, the first bans are already in the books. The one we have here might be the funniest yet.

CS2 Streamer is banned for using a console command

Getting banned for cheating is one thing, getting banned for exploiting a console command is another. A few days ago, Counter Strike community legend Don Hac1 posted a tweet about people being banned for using a console command that lets you turn 180 degrees with the press of a button.

Several people messaged me saying they were banned by VAC for using an unprotected console command that lets you turn 180 degrees instantly, be aware of running random commands you don’t know about the goal.

– Hac1 (@DonHaci) September 15, 2023

What constituted a warning to most members of the community, to Twitter user Poggu it was an opportunity. An opportunity to do something extremely fun. He definitely lived up to that standard. So he started his stream on Twitch and started playing the CS2 limited test. It only took him 18 minutes to get banned.

Or “definitely unreliable,” as it says in the feed. These rogue bans will later turn into VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) bans and will not be lifted at all, according to a Steam chat post from former community moderator ianskate.

Poggu’s Steam profile now shows a “game ban” from 3 days ago. This will likely later turn into a VAC ban. Oddly enough, Poggu was only banned after writing in chat that he was “cheating.” One of his classmates continued to denounce him following the chat message.

That’s when his game stopped and he received the “global cooldown” banner at the top of the main menu. So it seems that ACC flagged it for acting very quickly and was waiting for a report to verify that this was abnormal behavior and not some sort of network code error.

He took the funny side. Poggu then posted a TikTok-style video of his ban with a sped-up version of Tom Odell’s Another Love playing in the background and a “fly high Poggu” banner on screen throughout the video.


– Poggu (@poggu__) September 16, 2023

Even though it was hilarious, his account with over 3000 hours of gameplay is banned and his inventory, with chests, skins and stickers, all gaining value, is locked forever. So, it doesn’t look too good for Poggu. And you shouldn’t do things like that either. Do not cheat, do not use exploits of any kind, or use commands that look like cheats and will be flagged as such by Valve’s Anti Cheat. Yeah, VAC isn’t good, but he doesn’t sleep.

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