If you like, you can pass your time in countless shops in Cyberpunk 2077 and browse through the offerings of dozens of retailers. If you use the filter option on the world map and only display the service point symbols, you will still see an abundance of shops with different focuses.

The range of goods that can be found on site is not precisely regulated. Sure, a gun seller sells guns and a clothing store sells anything that falls into their category. But higher quality items are a bit random and do not show up with a hundred percent guarantee – or only later, after enough time has passed. In the following you will read everything you need to know about retailers and the range of goods.

All vendors and stores in Night City

It can happen that a dealer does not have the specified item (or several) in stock at all times. In that case, you can either come back after 48 in-game hours and see whether the random selection has meanwhile washed the item into the dealer inventory. Or you can go on an excursion as far away as possible and try again later.

Night City is full of vendors for a wide variety of goods. Filter the world map symbols by service points and you will see all the shops in the game world.

In general, we differentiate the relevant businesses in Cyberpunk 2077 into the following categories:

  • Arms dealer

  • Clothing retailer

  • Med wards

  • Netrunner

  • Ripperdocs

Also available, but less important:

  • Junk shop

  • Bars

  • eat

  • Joytoy

Arms dealer in Night City

The game distinguishes between arms dealers (recognizable by the pistol symbol) and melee weapons dealers (recognizable by the blade symbol). Ultimately, it doesn’t make a big difference, because you mostly buy things to kill. In the following shops:

Badlands 1

From the fast travel point at the nomad camp, all you have to do is enter the nearest tent and talk to the arms dealer.

Best items

  • D5 Copperhead (Legendary)
  • m-10AF Lexington (Legendary, requires Street Cred 43)
  • “CHAR” fire grenade (Uncommon)
  • Scheme: M2038 Tactician (Rare)
  • Scheme: Crusher (Rare)

Badlands 2

This arms seller provides you with equipment from her van. It is almost right next to the fast travel point at the Sunset Motel.

Best items

  • Liberty (Legendary)
  • D5 Sidewinder (Legendary)
  • A-22B Chao (Legendary, requires Street Cred 43)
  • Scheme: Nekomata (Rare)
  • Scheme: D5 Copperhead (Rare)


The fast travel point “Halsey & MLK” is located near the border between Downtown and Corpo Plaza. There you will find the entrance to the shop nearby. If you come from the street, you first have to take the elevator up four floors.

Best items

  • M-179e Achilles (Legendary)
  • L-69 Zhuo (Legendary)
  • TKI-20 Shingen (Legendary, requires Street Cred 50)
  • Scheme: DB-4 Palica (Epic)
  • Scheme: D5 Sidewinder (Epic)

The Glen

This branch of the 2nd Amendment is located in a backyard almost exactly north of the high-speed travel point “Ventura & Skyline” or southwest of the “Palms View Way”.

Best items

  • DB-2 Testera (Legendary)
  • Ashura (Legendary, requires Street Cred 47)
  • Scheme: Overture (Epic)
  • Ranged Mod: Countermass (Epic)
  • Scheme: SPT32 Degrees (Epic)

Vista Del Ray

This 2nd Amendment branch is located southeast of the high-speed travel point “College Street” and provides you with the finest weapons.

Best items

  • HJSH-18 Masamune (Legendary, requires Street Cred 47)
  • DB-2 Testera (Legendary)
  • Scheme: A-22B Chao (Epic)
  • Scheme: DB-2 Testera (Epic)
  • Scheme: A-22B Chao (Epic)


North of the fast travel point “Palms View Plaza” is this gun shop with the beautiful blue lettering and has a lot to offer.

Best items

  • SPT32 degrees (Legendary)
  • JKE-X2 Kenshin (Legendary, requires Street Cred 49)
  • Scheme: Carnage (Epic)
  • Scheme: JKE-X2 Kenshin (Epic)
  • Scheme: Carnage (Epic)

West Wind Estate

This 2nd Amendment branch is located in an old apartment block between the “Grand Imperial Mall” and “West Wind Apartments” high-speed travel points.

Best items

  • DB-4 Palica (Legendary)
  • M2038 Tactician (Legendary, requires Street Cred 37)
  • Scheme: DR12 Quasar (Rare)
  • Scheme: M2038 Tactician (Rare)
  • Scheme: DB-2 Satara (Rare)


North of the high-speed travel point “Mega Building H4”, this arms seller has moved into his stand in a market and is selling his arms on the street.

Best items

  • Overture (Legendary)
  • SPT32 degree (Legendary, requires Street Cred 43)
  • Scheme: RT-46 Burya (Rare)
  • Scheme: Nue (Rare)
  • Scheme: Unity (Rare)

Rancho Coronado

In the slum of Rancho Coronado at the dam east of the fast travel point “Rancho Coronado East” you will find this shop called Gun-o-Rama, not far from the place where the side mission “The Highwayman” begins.

Best items

  • Crusher (Legendary)
  • Nue (Legendary, requires Street Cred 39)
  • Scheme: Nekomata (Rare)
  • Scheme: m-10AF Lexington (Rare)
  • Scheme: M-76e Omaha (Rare)


Go to the fast travel point at the Kabuki market and look for the Gun-o-Rama branch there to be able to buy new weapons.

Best items

  • DR5 Nova (Legendary)
  • M2067 Defender (Legendary, requires Street Cred 14)
  • Ranged Mod: Countermass (Legendary)
  • Scheme: Nekomata (Rare)
  • Scheme: D5 Copperhead (Rare)

Little China

This shop is called 2nd Amendment and is located in the same apartment complex that V’s accommodation is in. The owner is called Wilson and also has the small side mission “Shoot to Thrill” for you.

Best items

  • Baseball bat (Legendary, requires Street Cred 11)
  • Unity (Legendary)
  • Ranged Mod: Weaken (Rare)
  • Scheme: Knife (Rare)
  • Scheme: m-10AF Lexington (Rare)


You will find this little shop called Lots of Guns right by the fast travel point at the docks. It lives up to its name.

Best items

  • Knife (legendary)
  • DS1 Pulsar (Legendary)
  • Nekomata (Legendary, requires Street Cred 17)
  • Scheme: “X-22” flash grenade (rare)
  • Ranged Mod: Combat Amplifier (Rare)


Directly from the main street at the express travel point “Skyline & Salinas” you can see the lettering “Rifles & Pistols” glowing. There you will find the thick caliber.

Best items

  • M-76e Omaha (Legendary)
  • Carnage (Legendary, requires Street Cred 27)
  • Machete (Legendary, requires Street Cred 27)
  • Scheme: DR-12 Quasar (Rare)
  • Ranged Mod: Weaken (Rare)
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