Daring Dual Development: 100 Thieves Utilizes Fortnite Engine for New Game While Progressing with Project X


Daring Dual Development: 100 Thieves Utilizes Fortnite Engine for New Game While Progressing with Project X

100 Thieves, known for its audacious ventures in the gaming world, is pushing the boundaries again, this time with a unique approach to game development. Not only is the team progressing with its much-anticipated first-person shooter game, Project X, but it is simultaneously crafting a fresh title using Unreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN), a new toolset provided by Epic Games. This dual development approach presents an exciting prospect for 100 Thieves fans, who will soon experience a new game thanks to the capabilities of UEFN.

Harnessing the Power of Unreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN)

In a recent update concerning Project X, 100 Thieves co-founder Nadeshot and chief product officer Pete Hawley discussed their strategic decision to leverage UEFN. This innovative toolset—essentially a combination of Unreal Engine 5 tools and the creative elements from Fortnite—is a free application offered by Epic Games. It equips users with the ability to craft and publish a game or immersive experience directly within the Fortnite environment.

Fast-Paced Development with UEFN

UEFN has revolutionized the traditional timeline of game development. Using the tools it provides, developers can release games within Fortnite in mere weeks. This unprecedented speed is something that the 100 Thieves team has successfully harnessed. Hawley revealed that the new game’s development started only in late May, yet it’s ready for a July 11 release—a remarkable turnaround of less than two months.

The Exciting Premise of the Upcoming Game

The upcoming game, yet to be officially named, is structured as a three-vs-three bank heist. It comprises three dynamic stages—breaking into the bank, stealing the money, and making a daring escape to a waiting helicopter. Hawley also shared his optimism that the tools to be added to UEFN in the future, combined with the feedback from the 100 Thieves Fortnite game, can help shape the ongoing development of Project X.

Sneak Peek into the Game

Although the upcoming game’s official name remains under wraps, a sneak peek revealed a few recognizable Fortnite assets. Among these are the imposing vault door and the familiar Slap juice boxes. These elements offer a tantalizing glimpse into what 100 Thieves has crafted using the potent capabilities of UEFN.

In conclusion, with this bold, simultaneous development approach, 100 Thieves is set to deliver two immersive gaming experiences. Through this innovative use of UEFN, the team is demonstrating how the boundaries of game development can be redefined. It’s an exciting time for 100 Thieves fans and the wider gaming community, all eagerly awaiting these new ventures.

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