DC area forecast: Gusty today in wake of storm; temperatures rise at the end of the week


DC area forecast: Gusty today in wake of storm;  temperatures rise at the end of the week

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7 a.m. — A layer of a few centimeters of snow fell overnight

Between approximately 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., a layer of a few centimeters of snow fell in the area.

Here’s our recap of this event: The DC area is experiencing the first snow of the season – most in almost 2 years for some.

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

3/10: The sun is coming back but the wind chill in the 20s and 30s is a bit painful

  • Today: Becoming mostly sunny, windy. Peaks: 40 to 44.
  • This evening: Clear and cold. Minimums: 22 to 29.
  • Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, less windy. Peaks: 44 to 48.

After yesterday’s storm we are clearing out but getting pretty cold for the next few days where highs are expected to stay in the 40s which is seasonable. Friday night we should eclipse 50, which would put us in above-normal territory. We expect little to no precipitation through Sunday when a coastal storm could bring rain, likely late in the day if it materializes.

Today (Monday): Most of the overnight precipitation ends by sunrise and skies are expected to gradually clear during the morning. It is windy and cold with afternoon high temperatures only in the 40s in most places. Add in northwest winds of 15 to 25 mph, with gusts up to 30 to 40 mph, and you’ll want to dress for the 20s and 30s. Confidence: Medium-High

This evening: It’s a cold evening with temperatures near freezing before midnight and wind chills in the 20s. Northwest winds ease overnight and lows dip into the low 20s in our worst locations. colder and in the upper 20s in downtown. Trust: high

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): There is bright sunshine and it is neither as windy nor as cold as Monday. Highs in the mid to upper 40s are around the mid-December average. Trust: high

Tomorrow evening: Under clear skies and calm winds, the night is cold. Lows range from near zero in the downtown core to the high 20s in our colder suburbs. Trust: high

It’s pretty cool Wednesday and Thursday. Even with sunny skies, highs will only be in the mid-40s Wednesday and upper 30s and lower 40s Thursday, following a cold front. Lows will vary into the 20s Wednesday and Thursday evening. Trust: medium-high

Friday and Saturday are the two mildest days of the week but not really hot. Highs are in the upper 50s to mid 50s with plenty of sunshine. Friday and Saturday nights remain cool with lows generally in the 30s. Confidence: Medium-High

Clouds may increase Sunday as a storm system develops to our south. If it arrives faster, rain could develop in the afternoon or evening. However, some forecast models delay its arrival until early next week and keep Sunday dry. Regardless, temperatures remain above average, with highs in the 50s. Confidence: Low-Medium

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DC area forecast: Gusty today in wake of storm; temperatures rise at the end of the week - 1

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