Dead Rising 4 does not charm the Australian classification


Dead Rising 4 does not charm the Australian classification

Fourth opus of the famous zombie series made by Capcom (no, not Resident Evil), Dead Rising 4 thought of making himself very small and managing to slip between the cracks of the very severe Australian PEGI but without success.

Accustomed to being very careful about the violent content of games, even if it means banning them from being released on the soil of the land of kangaroos (like Manhunt, Resident Evil 4 and many others), the organization has classified the latest opus of the Dead Rising series in PEGI 18like its predecessor.

A restriction justified by the presence of violence, suggestive themes, drug consumption and the use of sometimes filthy vocabulary, without forgetting the existence of some ___ scenes. An explosive ___tail which, although it has seduced its audience over the episodes, has still not convinced PEGI Australia to let down its guard.

Dead Rising 4 is expected for December 6 on Xbox one and PCand we understand it well: he won’t do anything lace.

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