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Like many other French cities, the Pink City experienced a new night of violence after the death of the young Nahel, killed by a police officer indicted Thursday for “intentional homicide” and imprisoned

The Pink City experienced a new episode of urban violence in the night of June 29 to 30. The first tensions appeared shortly after 8 p.m. in the Reynerie district, at Mirail. On Abbal Square, fireworks were fired at the police who had deployed everywhere in the neighborhood, after a first night of tension the day before.

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The violence was heard as the night progressed in the Izards district, but also in Bagatelle, “and to a lesser extent avenue de Grande Bretagne”, indicates the prefecture of Haute-Garonne.

According to a latest report, 18 cars were set on fire as well as two coaches on the side of the Dr Maurice Cahuzac roundabout, in Bellefontaine, as well as two semi-trailers and a van. The cabin of a crane installed at the Reynerie as part of a construction site was set on fire, as well as the balcony of a building.

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Forty traffic lightsA garbage container was identified by firefighters. As the evening progresses, clashes between rioters and security forces took place and the police used tear gas. In support, the members of the specialized units of the RAID and the GIGN. There were 230 police and gendarmes on the ground and nearly 40 firefighters intervened. In total, 27 people were arrested during this night indicates the prefecture of Haute-Garonne.

Prohibited demonstration in the hypercentre

She issued an order prohibiting any demonstration and undeclared protest rally in the Toulouse hypercentre during this day on Friday. Calls have indeed been launched on social networks.

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