Kojima Productions remains very discreet about death stranding, thus generating more questions than answers, and its release date still remains unknown. However, Hideo Kojima let it be known that the project is progressing really well and at high speed.

One of the proofs of the game’s progress is that he recently told Dengeki that the game’s gameplay was in the testing phase.
Indeed, the creator revealed that the game has passed a new experimental phase and that the studio is now focusing on internal gameplay testing.

Initially, Hideo Kojima asked players to remain calm and confident regarding the development of the title:

Even if we haven’t released any new information since December 2016 and many fans are worried about it and imagine a lot of things, you can leave reassured.

To show that he was serious, the creator of the saga Metal Gear Solid added :

Right now we are past the experimental phase and we are entering a new stage, we are testing the feedback on the new gameplay.

It should be remembered, however, that during PlayStation Experience 2017, Mr. Kojima said that death stranding was already playable, information that was later confirmed by Mark Cerny.

death stranding is getting closer to its release date on PS4, where it will eventually arrive. Separately, Kojima Productions released some details about the female version of Ludens.

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