If Bungie And Activision were full of spirit before the release of Destiny 2, promising a sequel far superior to its elder on crucial points, this episode unfortunately failed to go the distance from the start. Between a lack of risk-taking, an almost copy-paste in the character classes, and above all a still rickety content, this component did not manage to win us over as we could have hoped during our test. Obviously, there are reasons for this…

Jason Schreier of Kotaku unpacked his bag during the last podcast of DTRand you will see it, the development was more than complicated. According to him, the game would have started by losing its game director in the spring of 2016, and the design would have been restarted.

I think Destiny 2 was created in a very short time. There was a major reboot around early 2016. There was another director before Luke Smith (current director) took over. I believe it was April 2016, but my memory may be playing tricks on me. Don’t hold it against me. So if you think about it with that data, they didn’t have a huge amount of time. There was a 16 month period between the reboot and the day the game was finally released..

The most worrying is yet to come and affects the ” Eververse“, the Destiny 2 store that allows you to buy engrams, which is obviously there to replace the DLC, because of the inability of the developers to achieve their ambitions in terms of additional content, namely to offer it every month.

Bungie decided that it was no longer possible to do this (release DLCs every month), that it was too hard, that their tools were difficult to manage. It was difficult for them to design so much content, and that this task was difficult from an overall point of view. It was therefore decided to create less extensive contentand of set up the Eververse in order to make money that way. Activision accepted this proposal, it was part of their new renegotiated contract, and so they no longer needed to produce more content.

Revelations that are unlikely to appease disappointed players, but above all that also raise questions about the future potential of the license. Bungie will he have the desire, the courage to set the table a third time? After all, never two without three! But not sure that the gamers are there this time…

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