Flagship saga of 3D beat them all, Devil May Cry went through a disappointing second episode before everyone agreed with the third. After releasing the first two parts on Switch last year, Capcom offers fans of the genre to (re)discover Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition accompanied by some new features for the occasion.

The weight of the years

This episode serves as a prequel to the series and allows us to meet Vergil, Dante’s brother, who is also playable in this Special Edition. Fifteen years after the PS2 and PC release, Devil May Cry 3 is starting to show the weight of years. This was already the case on other media, whether on the previous generation (PS3 and Xbox 360) or current, but some cinematics and some menus are still displayed in 4:3 and not in 16:9. We would have liked the publisher to review its copy on this side in order to offer an optimal experience.

Apart from this weak point, it is with pleasure that we get our hands on one of the best beat them all on a console that already has the chance to host the Bayonetta license. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition offers rich gameplay where each player can choose from four fighting styles depending on their preference or the situation:

  • Trickster that promotes dodging.
  • Swordmaster for lovers of big swords.
  • Gunslinger for firearms.
  • Royalguard for defence.

In portable version, the fluidity of the game is constant and allows you to chain combos against demonsalthough camera issues are still present.

Gameplay enriched by the arrival of some new features

Some new features are added in this version. First of all, all 9999 floors of the Bloody Palace are now accessible two-player local co-op, a fairly rare mode for 3D beat them all. We would certainly have appreciated that an online mode was also available, but it is nevertheless a great novelty for the Switch.

In order to offer a more flexible experience, it is now possible to change style and weapon in the middle of a fight. A major addition since it increases the possibilities tenfold within a confrontation, whereas before you had to wait to be at a checkpoint (the statues of time). However, players can choose between this “Freestyle” approach and the original experience.

Most :
  • Still a fun game to play
  • A constant fluidity
  • The local coop
  • ??The change of style that multiplies the possibilities
The lessers :
  • Menus always in 4:3
  • The resolution of many cutscenes

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition remains a must for any self-respecting beat ’em all fan. If the port could have been more polished visually, for example by offering cinematics and menus finally in 16:9, the gameplay of this episode is still as exhilarating. With some welcome additions, including the ability to change styles mid-game, this Switch version is a real pleasure to browse.

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