Devil May Cry 5 cuts loading times by 5x on PS5


Devil May Cry 5 cuts loading times by 5x on PS5

While waiting to see the loading times of Sony’s console-exclusive games to get a clearer idea of ​​the power of the PlayStation 5’s SSD, we have to settle for a few gameplay videos of titles available on different machines. Today Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition was playable during the presentation of the console to some Japanese influencers.

In the video below, we discover at the twenty-first minute that he takes only 4 seconds to load a level while this loading time can go up to 25 seconds on PlayStation 4 at times. You will have understood it for yourself, the first games available on the new generation machine are already taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the SSD.

Even if this improvement does not change the gaming experience in itself, it has the merit of making it more fluid for the player and of plunging him directly into the adventure instead of seeing him cursing in front of countless loading screens.

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