Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition REVIEW – Devil Impact


Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition REVIEW – Devil Impact

After making all fans of the franchise agree on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at the start of 2019, Devil May Cry 5 is taking advantage of the launch of next-generation consoles to get a makeover and offer us a more fluid gaming experience containing many bonuses. Is it enough to checkout despite the reduced price adopted by Capcom? The answer in our in-house title test.

Speed ​​to the Power of Destruction

As you can imagine, the main novelty of this edition is to tap into the features offered by our new consoles. While the game sometimes took long seconds to load the levels during our games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we realize that the loading bar that remains present does not even have time to fill up before the action starts. You will therefore have understood, for a game that advocates action at all times, this upheaval is beneficial in more than one way and allows players to no longer waste time raging at each deathas he plunges back into the action almost instantly.

But the speed of loading or the fluidity found in the various navigation menus are not the only advantages to be noted on the technical level of this edition, which proposes to make us taste the joys of Ray Tracing to admire our three main protagonists in another light. It is possible to set the Ray Tracing options on two levels in order to adjust the desired Frame Rate and avoid suffering from drops in speed at times when the action becomes too intense. Players equipped with the correct screen can also take advantage of a 1080P mode boosts the adventure in 120FPS to enjoy an adventure of extraordinary fluidity.

Thoughtful new content

Regarding the PlayStation 5 version, we regret that the game does not take advantage of the haptic feedback of the controller and the adaptive effects of the triggers as it should. We are satisfied here with the minimum during the sword fight phases when the player embodies Nero. Luckily, this blunder of the developers is quickly forgotten with the provision of many additional contents which make it possible to breathe a true wind of innovations in our voyage. Like the Legendary Dark Knight mode, which takes advantage of the power of the two new machines to increase the number of opponents. Overcoming the armies that will face you is a real challenge that lovers of the genre will not refuse.

Vergil fans will also be delighted to be able to take control of their idol in order to discover the journey offered by Devil May Cry 5 in new conditions and vary their approach to combat. His different weapons and his movement speed will make you happy in the multiple gameplay variants offered by this Special Edition. Another notable novelty, the Turbo mode which increases the speed of the game by 20% in order to send the beat’em up into a whole new dimension from where it will be very hard to return. Indeed, once this new speed has been mastered, we feel a bit of sadness when we find a normal and more calm rhythm which has been the norm for years in the franchise.

During our long hours of play, we were confronted with some crashes which even if they can be counted on the fingers of one hand had every interest in disappearing before the launch of the final version of the gameunder penalty of scaring away fans, especially when we talk about the Remaster of a game released in 2019.

Most :

  • Vergil who brings a new vision of the title
  • 120 fps in Full HD
  • Different levels of Ray Tracing
  • The multiple additions

The lessers :

  • A struggling Frame Rate with Ray Tracing at its maximum
  • Some crashes
  • Lack of DualSense involvement

THE REVIEW OF THE TEST OF Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – Impact with the devil


Devil May Cry 5 remains the one we have known in terms of its gameplay and we therefore find ourselves facing one of the best games of its kind. The various additions imagined by the Capcom teams are welcome and make perfect use of the power of the SSD and the graphics chipsets of our machines. We regret, however, that the PS5 version is satisfied with the bare minimum in terms of compatibility with the DualSense and that if we push the Ray Tracing to the maximum, the Frame Rate struggles to follow at times.

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